Whittier Associates HOA, Inc. Meeting was held by Zoom
Regular Meeting Minutes April 23, 2024

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The Board of Directors of Whittier Community Association met virtually on April 23, 2024, at 7:00 p.m.

Frank Hackett, President
Jackie Parks, Vice-President
Tim Sweeney, Treasurer
Elizabeth Hoover, Secretary
Sally Hoague, Director
Bernarda Jackson, Director
Nancy Sweet, Director
Jason Smith, Director
Nancy Keen, Vanguard Management
Ryan Rote, Branch Manager, Ruppert Landscapes
Erin Mallery, Area Manager, Ruppert Landscapes
Homeowners (On file with Management)

Call to Order

The regular meeting was called to order by Mr. Frank Hackett, President, at 7:00 PM.

Ruppert Landscapes Update

Ms. Nancy Keen, Vanguard introduced Mr. Ryan Rote and Ms. Erin Mallery from Ruppert
Landscapes. Ms. Mallery provided updates on plantings, replacements, and maintenance
schedules, including the seeding of the hillside and the schedule for palm trimming.
Mr. Hackett expressed appreciation for their work and inquired about specific site visits and
potential improvements. Ms. Mallery highlighted areas needing attention and agreed to address
specific concerns raised by HOA members. Mr. Hackett requested Ruppert review all trees in the
community so an action plan can be created to prioritize the tree maintenance. Ms. Mallery noted
she would put together a list and also start the renewal process.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes from the March 26, 2024, meeting were reviewed. Ms. Nancy Sweet suggested they be
more concise and to the point. Motion to approve the revised minutes was made by Ms. Sweet and
seconded by Ms. Jackie Parks, Vice-President. The motion passed 7/0/0.

Treasurer’s Report

Mr. Tim Sweeney, Treasurer, presented an overview of CDs and invoices. He advised he was working
on a charter for a budget review committee. Mr. Sweeney also discussed a new process for record
retention and digitization to assist in reducing storage fees. Ms. Keen noted the records go back
to the 1990s. A motion to approve the record retention policy was made by Mr. Sweeney and
seconded by Ms. Parks. Motion passed 6/0/1.

Ms. Sweet made a motion to return the Homeowner Open Forum to the beginning of the meeting.
Ms. Bernarda Jackson seconded the motion. The motion failed 2/5/0.

Management Report

Ms. Keen provided a management update on:

  • Dead Tree Removal: Quotes from three companies were reviewed. Ms. Sweet made a motion to
    approve Lee’s Service seconded by Ms. Elizabeth Hoover, Secretary. The motion passed 7/0/0.
  • Whittier Community Site Map: Ms. Keen stated only one bid was received after contacting
    several engineering companies. Mr. Hackett made a motion to table the topic to research other
    options. The motion passed 7/0/0.
  • Insurance Renewal: Motion to approve the renewal was made by Mr. Hackett and seconded by
    Ms. Parks. The motion passed 7/0/0.
  • Reserve Investments: Motion to accept the proposal was made by Mr. Sweeney and seconded
    by Ms. Sally Hoague, Director. Motion passed 7/0/0.

Committee Reports

  • ACC Committee: No updates.
  • Townhouse Committee: Ms. Parks advised Mr. Ricardo Trioschi is leaving the community and
    thanked him for his contributions to the Townhouse Committee. She advised no meetings in
  • Stormwater Management Committee: Mr. Jamie Parks discussed issues with riser mesh and
    submitted a request for action.
  • Neighborhood Advisory Council (NAC) Report: No update
  • Garden Club: Mr. Hackett advised planting of the flowerpots at the pool are scheduled for May
    19th. He made a motion for $400 to pay for plants for all 3 pools and seconded by Ms. Parks.
    The motion passed 7/0/0.
  • Ms. Hoover requested a motion for the formation of a social committee to plan committee
    events and volunteered to chair the committee. Ms. Keen advised the Whittier Community Yard
    Sale would be June 8 and 9, 2024. Ms. Parks seconded the motion. The motion passed 7/0/0.

Old Business

Pools: Mr. Hackett stated there needs to be a liaison for the pools. Mr. Sweeney volunteered to be
the liaison.

New Business

No new business was discussed.

Homeowner Open Forum

  • A homeowner thanked Ms. Parks for her contributions to the community and leading the
    Townhouse Committee.
  • A resident raised concerns about dog waste and was advised to email Ms. Keen the address for
    action against the homeowner.

Adjournment of Regular Meeting

The regular meeting was adjourned at 8:16 PM with a motion by Ms. Parks, seconded by Ms.
Jackson. Motion passed 7/0/0.

Executive/Closed Session

There was a discussion on homeowners’ financial and legal matters. A payment plan was approved
by Ms. Jackson and seconded by Ms. Sweet. The motion passed 7/0/0.

A motion for a write off for bad debt for a homeowner was made by Ms. Jackson and seconded by
Ms. Hoague. The motion passed 7/0/0.

Motion to adjourn the session at 8:45 PM was made by Ms. Hoague and seconded by Ms. Parks. The
motion passed 7/0/0.

The next meeting is June 25, 2024 at 7:00 pm on Zoom.

Meeting Minutes prepared by: Elizabeth Hoover, Secretary
Approved during June 25, 2024 meeting with corrections as noted by HOA Directors.