Whittier Community Associates HOA, Inc.

Regular Meeting June 27, 2023


Present                                                                       Absent

Paul Zimnik, President                                             Bernarda Jackson, Treasurer
Andrea Weaver, Vice President
Frank Hackett, Director
Laura Ferguson, Secretary
Royle Kidwell, Director
Jackie Parks, Director
Jason Smith, Director
Nancy Sweet, Director


Others Present

Nancy Keen, Vanguard Management Community Representative

S. Laurèn Mathews, Recording Secretary Homeowners: On file with Management


  1. Call to Order and Previous Meeting Minutes


Paul Zimnik, President of Whittier Community HOA, called the regular meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. with a quorum present.


Motion: To approve the minutes of April 25, 2023 as adjusted.


Sweet/Parks                           Vote: 7/2/0


  1. Homeowner Open Forum
    1. A homeowner emailed Management commenting on the new website and thanked the Board for all the work there. The homeowner asked if the Board will be providing a payment plan to accommodate the fee increase. The Board thanked her and will be addressing this topic in new business.


    1. A homeowner noted there had been past discussion about a possible review of the by-laws. She asked if there is another means to update the outdated bylaws, since the traditional process seems unfeasible. The Board noted guidelines can be updated at any time, but foundational by-laws are much more challenging. The Board thanked the homeowner and will discuss this further in new business.


The homeowner also suggested deferring non-essential spending for now, due to the current climate. She asked about how spending is approached, and noted areas of prudence where funding should be prioritized, such as Storm Water Management. The Board noted they discuss each item and any associated costs before ever spending. They lean conservative with expenditures. The Board is


open to discussing specific items that homeowners have concern with, but they aim to always focus spending on areas of improvement.


    1. A homeowner asked where homeowners can access the meeting agenda and minutes. The Board answered that all past minutes are available on the website. The agenda is posted on the homeowner portal.


    1. A homeowner suggested the process for approving and posting Annual Meeting minutes should be reconsidered, as waiting an entire year seems too long. The Board will discuss options for changing this system in new business.


    1. A homeowner noted the neighborhood speeding problem has been brought up at the NAC meeting, with no changes implemented. The homeowner asked about next steps. The Board stated traffic studies have been done, and it was determined by the City that no action was needed.



  1. Management Report
    1. Ratification of Email Vote - Water Fitness Class


Motion: The Board ratified the email vote approving the Water Fitness Class at Wetherburne pool.


Weaver/Kidwell                                  Vote: 7/0/1


    1. Ratification of Email Vote - Umbrella Replacement/ Painting Pool House


Motion: The Board ratified the email vote approving the umbrella replacement and painting of the pool house doors.


Smith/Weaver                                    Vote: 7/0/1


    1. WIFI Access


The Board discussed homeowner requests for WIFI access at the pool, and the associated concerns.



    1. Homeowner Concern - Previous Naturalized Area

The Board is still in the midst of controlling the invasive plants, and trees cannot be planted yet. The Board tabled this topic until the August meeting.


ACTION: Management will reach out to Ruppert for quotes prior to the August meeting.


    1. Dead Tree Removal


Motion: To approve the proposal by Lee’s Tree Service for the amount of



Weaver/Kidwell                      Vote: 8/0/0


    1. Swale Proposal - Waller House

In the future the Board would like three bids for all projects, but in the interest of time the Board will accept a single bid for this work.


Motion: To accept the proposal by WSSI for the amount of $3,240.00.


Parks/Hackett                        Vote: 7/0/1


    1. Ratification of Email Vote- Bicycle Parade Motion: To ratify the email approval of $175.00. Sweet/Smith                           Vote: 7/0/1


  1. Old Business
    1. There was no old business at this time.


  1. New Business
    1. Payment Plan

Management and the Board discussed the available options homeowners have to pay ahead monthly through the online portal, or contact Management to work out a payment plan if paying ahead is not feasible.


Motion: To include additional information in the coupon books so homeowners know all the options and steps to pay ahead or request a payment plan if needed.


Weaver/Smith                        Vote: 8/0/0


A Board member expressed frustration that there are several accounts that are large amounts over due. The Board discussed the approach for these accounts.



    1. ByLaws


Motion: To form a By-law Committee, with Director Weaver as committee chair.


Parks/Kidwell             Vote: 8/0/0


    1. Annual Meeting Minutes

Management noted the Board may be able to post draft minutes so long as they are clearly marked as “draft”. Annual minutes have to be approved by community members present at the next annual meeting.


Motion: To post the draft annual minutes.


Parks/Weaver                        Vote: 8/0/0


ACTION: Management will post the draft Annual meeting minutes.


    1. In Person Meetings


Motion: To hold future meetings in person and zoom starting in August. Hybrid format for residents and board members. Board members should avail themselves to be present, but if unable to attend, can be present via zoom.


Weaver/Hackett                                 Vote: 1/0/7                  Motion Fails


ACTION: Director Smith will look into options to do a poll through Survey Monkey for community preference between virtual meetings, in-person meetings, or hybrid.


ACTION: Once Survey Monkey poll is set up Management will send an email to the community to complete the survey.


    1. Craft Fair

Director Weaver announced the Craft Fair. She will email prices to the Board once she collects them.


    1. Cobblestone Lock Latch

The latch has been fixed several times but keeps breaking. Management contacted Frederick Fence to look at the latch to see if it needs new parts.


  1. Committee Reports
    1. NAC: Lauren Pollet has taken over, with a positive outcome. Mr Weaver reviewed the last NAC meeting, fire safety review, police report, traffic study, etc.


    1. ACC: There were no updates at this time.


    1. StormWater Management Committee: Requested a meeting date for the Board, SWM, and City of Frederick. There are redline items that need to be discussed and addressed.


ACTION: Management will touch base with her contacts at the City and then contact the Board to organize a meeting date.


    1. Pool Committee: There were no updates at this time.


    1. Townhouse Committee: Notes will be forwarded to the Board.


    1. Condominium Committee: There were no updates at this time.


    1. Landscaping Committee: There were no updates at this time.


    1. Social Committee: There were no updates at this time.


    1. Treasurer’s Report: There were no updates at this time.


  1. Adjournment

Motion: To adjourn the regular meeting at 9:20 pm.

Parks/Smith                           Vote: 8/0/0


Please note the next scheduled meeting will be held at 7:00 pm on August 22, 2023.



S. Laurèn Mathews Recording Secretary