Whittier Community Associates HOA, Inc.

Regular Meeting April 25, 2023


Present                                                                                                                  Absent

Paul Zimnik, President
Andrea Weaver, Vice President
Bernarda Jackson, Treasurer
Frank Hackett, Director

Laura Ferguson, Secretary
Royle Kidwell, Director
Jackie Parks, Director
Jason Smith, Director
Nancy Sweet, Director


Others Present

Nancy Keen, Vanguard Management Community Representative

S. Laurèn Mathews, Recording Secretary Homeowners: On file with Management


Ryan Rote, Ruppert Landscapes Melissa Dunk, Ruppert Landscapes Erin Mallery, Ruppert Landscapes


  1. Call to Order and Previous Meeting Minutes


Paul Zimnik, President of Whittier Community HOA, called the regular meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. with a quorum present.


Motion: To approve the minutes of March 28, 2023 as adjusted.


Parks/Jackson                       Vote: 9/0/0



  1. Ruppert Landscapes

Representatives of Ruppert Landscapes addressed the Board and discussed what the community’s goals are for landscaping and beautification.


The Board and Ruppert discussed the naturalized area and some options moving forward. If the Board accepts the proposal it would minimally impact the cost of the existing maintenance contract.


A homeowner who lives near the naturalized area appreciated the sound buffer and privacy provided by the trees and other growth before their removal. She also felt that replacing the trees would provide a habitat for small wildlife and natural rainwater runoff


management. The Board noted that any replacement plantings will be small and young so the noise and privacy would not be addressed for several years.


Ruppert Landscapes and Director Weaver will do a walk of the medians to review the current list.



  1. Homeowner Open Forum
    1. A homeowner expressed concern about people leaving pet waste on the ground. He suggested looking into signage or pet waste stations that provide bags and proper disposal areas.

The Board agreed this has been a recurring issue. Unfortunately, installing signage and pet waste stations doesn’t result in change. People who don’t pick up after their pets also don’t use the provided bags or heed signage. Aside from reminders on the website and friendly conversation the Board doesn’t know another approach to this issue.

The homeowner asked if the HOA can do anything about people using marijuana in their homes and within the Whittier community. Marijuana usage is being legalized in July, however the Board reminded everyone that homeowners can always email Management and if the issue falls within the bounds of the HOA a violation letter will be sent. Homeowners can also forward their concerns to NAC.


    1. A homeowner submitted a request in February to have a fallen tree removed. The tree is still where it fell, and now additional dirt, rock, and mulch have been dumped beside it. In addition to the fallen tree being properly disposed of, the homeowner would like letters sent to the surrounding homes about proper treatment of the common areas. He would also like a replacement tree planted. The homeowner will forward pictures of the fallen tree and exact location to Management so she can send violation letters.


ACTION: Management will contact Ruppert to address the fallen tree within the next few days.

ACTION: Management will get a quote on planting a replacement tree.


    1. A homeowner asked about accountability practices with Ruppert, so concerns like the fallen tree aren’t overlooked for months. The Board and Management said Ruppert is typically very responsive, so they are unsure why the fallen tree hasn’t been addressed.

The homeowner asked about the specifics of the Stormwater Management project. Does the Board plan to inform everyone of the end to end plan? Cattail removal was the start, but there are additional corrective actions that need to be taken. The Board and Management responded that the HOA abides by the City’s requirements, but the project does not stop there. According to the specific wetland management, the area in question is where it’s supposed to be in the overall process. The beautification will come but takes longer to allow for natural


development and appropriate waterflow. Management also noted cattail removal was the start, but much more extensive work has been completed and walked through with the City.


    1. A resident commented on the long-term safety issue of speeding within the community. The Board noted residents can continue to bring this issue to the attention of local police and the NAC meetings.


    1. A homeowner is collecting signatures for a petition to end marjuana use in the neighborhood. He expressed significant concern about the damage being done by Glo Fiber to yards in the community. He will also be at the next NAC meeting, where he will bring up this concern. He feels there are areas the HOA can grow and change, including addressing By-laws if necessary. The Board noted they cannot issue fines for legal marijuana usage but thanked the homeowner for his continued involvement in the community.



  1. NAC Report

Jack Weaver announced the upcoming NAC meeting on May 11. He noted many of the concerns voiced in the open forum can be addressed through the NAC program. The objective is to fill the gap between the HOA’s responsibility and the city or county.


  1. Management Report
    1. Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations- Pool Parking Lots

The Board discussed the initial estimates for installing charging stations.


Motion: To have Lightillity do a site visit and put together a proposal for charging stations.


Jackson/Weaver                    Vote: 4/5/0                  Motion Fails



    1. Landscape Enhancement - Bed on Hillside

The Board discussed the options and purposes of landscape enhancements to the naturalized area.


Motion: To move forward with grading and seeding for now, and revisit this topic in the future.


Weaver/Kidwell                      Vote: 6/3/0


ACTION: Management will get an estimate to replace some of the trees.


    1. Dunmore/ Waller House Parking Lot Striping and Numbering

The Board noted it’s important to have the numbering consistent with the rest of the community.


Motion: To accept the proposal by Gardener’s General Contractors for the amount of $3,188.50.


Smith/ Parks                          Vote: 8/1/0


    1. 2022 Audit


Motion: To accept the 2022 audit as presented by Goldklang Group.


Sweet/Weaver                        Vote: 9/0/0


    1. 2023/ 2024 Audit Engagement Proposal

A Board member suggested utilizing a new company to perform future audits, since Goldklang Group has been used in the past.


Motion: To accept the Audit Engagement letter from Goldklang Group to perform the Association’s audit and taxes for 2023/2024.


Weaver/Sweet                        Vote: 9/0/0


    1. ACC Guideline Revision


David Latch, Lead Chair of the ACC, explained the current language of the guidelines with respect to garages and fencing. The objective of the amendment is to provide clarification for future applications and requests. The ACC is also accepting volunteers.


Motion: To approve the language amendment as submitted by the ACC, “If there is an attached garage, the fence may be extended to meet the rear corner of the garage.”


Sweet/Smith                           Vote: 9/0/0



  1. Old Business
    1. There was no old business at this time.



  1. New Business


    1. Color for Doors


Motion: To approve the color “Old Colonial” to paint the pool house doors.


Jackson/Weaver                    Vote: 8/1/0



  1. Committee Reports


    1. ACC: There were no updates at this time.


    1. StormWater Management Committee:

Mr. Parks, SWM Lead Chair, requested action regarding two violations from the City about the Western Basin. He requested a meeting between contractors, SWM Committee, Management, and the Board.


The Board noted the City had required corrections which have been addressed (Phase I). These additional corrections and proposals would fall under a Phase II.


This topic was tabled and will be revisited after a meeting is held between the necessary parties.


    1. Pool Committee: There were no updates at this time.


    1. Townhouse Committee: There were no updates at this time.


    1. Condominium Committee: There were no updates at this time.


    1. Landscaping Committee: There were no updates at this time.


    1. Social Committee: Director Ferguson announced the upcoming Shred Event on May 6th. Director Weaver announced the 4th of July Bicycle Parade on July 2nd.


    1. Treasurer’s Report: There were no updates at this time.


  1. Adjournment

Motion: To adjourn the regular meeting at 9:30 pm.


Smith/Sweet                           Vote:9/0/0


Please note the next scheduled meeting will be held at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, June 27, 2023.




S. Laurèn Mathews Recording Secretary