Whittier Community Associates HOA, Inc.

Regular Meeting March 28, 2023


Present                                                                       Absent

Paul Zimnik, President                                             Laura Ferguson, Secretary Andrea Weaver, Vice President

Bernarda Jackson, Treasurer Frank Hackett, Director Royle Kidwell, Director Jackie Parks, Director

Jason Smith, Director Nancy Sweet, Director


Others Present

Nancy Keen, Vanguard Management Community Representative

S. Laurèn Mathews, Recording Secretary Homeowners: On file with Management


Matt Elliott, WSSI

Tim Pelletier, Continental Pools Dejan Milenkov, Continental Pools


  1. Call to Order and Previous Meeting Minutes


Paul Zimnik, President of Whittier Community HOA, called the regular meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. with a quorum present.


Motion: To approve the minutes of January 24, 2023 as adjusted.


Parks/Weaver            Vote: 8/0/0



  1. WSSI


Mr. Elliott shared that he would be meeting with the City in the near future to do a walk through for a follow up inspection.


Mr. Parks with the community’s Storm Water Management Committee was asked to join the conversation with WSSI. Mr. Parks topics of concern were the north corner of the Western Basin and the erosion near the bridge. He asked that WSSI keep him updated on the progress of the plans set in place. Mr. Parks noted that the current landscaping schedule is resulting in very tall grass, which contributes to issues with invasive plants. He offered the recommendation that the grass in the forebays be cut shorter like the rest


of the community. Mr. Parks overall concern was the community to be prepared for the City’s triennial inspection this year.


Mr. Elliot said that while the final decision is up to the Board, he agreed with Mr. Parks. He explained the current plan will treat the invasive plants. He also explained that the area can be both functional and attractive, with time and proper selection of species.


The Western Bay will continue to be monitored due to the recent repair.


  1. Continental Pools

The Board and Continental Pools representatives reviewed and discussed items within the three bids, including standard maintenance items and outliers for each of the pools. Mr. Milenkov gave additional information about the role of chemical controllers, although there are no requirements for them at this time.


  1. Homeowner Open Forum
    1. A homeowner asked if Rupert’s will be back to address the stumps in the naturalized area. Management noted a special arborist will visit the site to remove the remaining trees and stumps.


    1. A homeowner brought up concerns with the recent election, specifically the process the Board used to fill the vacant seat. The Board explained the written process and standard protocol, and can visit amending their approach.


    1. A homeowner echoed the previous comment relating to the election process. She also asked when the 2023 Reserve Study will be available for the community to review.


ACTION: Management will resend the 2023 Reserve Study to President Zimnik who will upload it to the website.


    1. A homeowner asked if a fence will be replaced between Whittier and the new development next door.


ACTION: Management will find out what the new community development plans are for that area.


    1. A homeowner asked if the Reserve Study will be used for next year’s budget. The Board confirmed the 2023 Reserve Study will be used for the 2024 budget.


  1. Management Report
    1. NAC - Community Representative

Mrs. Weaver updated the Board. NAC is reviewing options to deter speeding (cameras, etc.).


    1. Pool Pass Materials and Distribution


Director Park noted the three pool schedules are the same as last year, despite the agreement to alternate openings leading up to Labor Day. The Board and Management reviewed the schedules and found the discrepancy. President Zimnik noted that because of staffing the alternating schedule would be between Greenleaf and Wetherburne, as Cobblestone stays open due to demand.


ACTION: Management will check the volume of usage between Greenleaf and Wetherburne and update the Board.


ACTION: President Zimnik will post the volume of usage for community access.


Motion: Weekdays from August 23 - September 4 Greenleaf will remain closed, Wetherburne will be open from 4pm-8pm.


Parks/Smith               Vote: 7/1/0


Motion: To approve the pool pass materials change.


Weaver/Kidwell          Vote: 8/0/0


    1. Spring Opening Repairs

The Board discussed the quote for each pool and the comments from Continental Pools representatives.


Motion: To accept all three quotes from Continental Pools for the spring pool opening repairs, less the chemical controllers. To be paid form Reserves.


Jackson/Weaver                    Vote: 8/0/0


    1. Whittier Riptide Schedule


Motion: To approve usage of the Greenleaf pool for the Whittier Riptides swim team practices.


Weaver/Jackson                    Vote: 8/0/0


    1. Interior Painting of the Pool Bathhouses


Motion: To approve the bid by T&C Painting for the amount of $8,800.00. To be paid from Reserves.


Jackson/Weaver                    Vote: 8/0/0


ACTION: Management will look into quotes for power washing the retaining wall.


ACTION: Management will reach out to T&C Painting for a quote to paint the doors of the bathhouse.


    1. Pool Parking Lot Striping


Motion: To approve the bid by T&C Painting for the amount of $1,900.00.


Smith/Jackson                       Vote: 8/0/0


    1. Power Wash Mailbox Walls


Motion: To approve the bid by T&C Painting for the amount of $5,280.00.


Jackson/Smith                       Vote: 8/0/0


ACTION: Management will ask T&C Painting to include painting the front doors of the pool house since all three bids are accepted.


ACTION: If T&C agrees to include painting the front doors, Management will request a color chart, and a bid to paint all exterior doors.


    1. Spring House Repairs


The Board ratified the email approval accepting Gardener’s General Contractor’s proposal to remove and replace the raised rib metal roof system for a total cost of



Email Vote: 5/2/2


    1. Reserve Investment Update


Motion: To invest $50,000.00 into a 2027 CD with Morgan Stanley, which continues laddering the funds per Management’s recommendation.


Hackett/Jackson                    Vote: 8/0/0


    1. Library Addition


Motion: To approve the application request for the addition of a bench and a second, smaller box to the existing library.


Jackson/Kidwell                    Vote: 8/0/0


  1. Old Business
    1. There was no old business at this time.


  1. New Business
    1. Solar Panels

Director Jackson requested to see options for adding solar panels to the pool house roof.


ACTION: Management will look into options for the addition of solar panels.


    1. Electric Car Charging Stations

Director Jackson requested to see options for an electric charger at one of the pools (ideally all three). She would also like to recommend the commercial buildings in the community include one as well.


ACTION: Management will look into options for the purchase and installation of pay-per-charge stations.


ACTION: Director Sweet will see if there are any relevant grants available, and if so will forward that information to the Board.


    1. Pool Flowers

Motion: To approve the purchase of flowers for the three pools, with a total not to exceed $350.00.


Jackson/Sweet Vote: 6/1/1


    1. May Board Meeting

Director Weaver suggested holding a meeting in May to prepare for summer. The Board decided to keep to the current schedule and address additional items over email if needed.


    1. 4th of July Parade

Director Weaver is waiting on approval from the City of Frederick for the parade and will keep the Board updated. She will also be looking into having a reading of the Declaration of Independence at the lake.


    1. Record of Pool Repairs

Director Park inquired about any records of past pool repairs so the Board is informed and can avoid unnecessary repeat fixes. The Board would like to know how Continental Pools records repairs, how they identify individual skimmers, and asked that they include this specific information in all future quotes.


ACTION: Management will reach out to Continental Pools to reshare their spreadsheet of repair records, and the additional information per the Board’s request.


    1. By-Laws

Director Parks implored the Board to continue the discussion of outright changes versus the application and interpretation of the existing By-Laws. Specifically Article 4, Section 3. She emphasized this topic needs to be fully addressed by the next board seat election.


The Board discussed the process, costs, and requirements to change verbiage in the By-Laws related to voting and other areas.


    1. Numbered Parking Spots (Townhomes)

Director Smith noted the townhome parking spots on Dunmore Court are difficult to see.


ACTION: Management will look into the painting schedule for parking spots and see if Dunmore Court needs to be moved up.



  1. Committee Reports
    1. ACC: There were no updates at this time.


    1. StormWater Management Committee: There were no updates at this time.


    1. Pool Committee: There were no updates at this time.


    1. Townhouse Committee: Director Park noted the Townhouse Committee provides an open forum for concerns and comments, and has been specifically working with the community so people have a longer time to express their thoughts. If a topic is brought up that has already been addressed by the Board, the committee aims to inform those present of such actions. The ultimate goal is to bring unity.


    1. Condominium Committee: The Condominium Committee noted several examples of vandalism in the complexes. She also stated that some associations are considering adding smoking bans with bylaw amendments.


    1. Landscaping Committee: There were no updates at this time.


    1. Social Committee: There were no updates at this time.


    1. Treasurer’s Report: There were no updates at this time.


  1. Adjournment

Motion: To adjourn the regular meeting at 9:31 pm.

Jackson/Parks           Vote: 8/0/0


Please note the next scheduled meeting will be held at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, April 25, 2023.



S. Laurèn Mathews Recording Secretary