Butterfly Ridge ES redistricting process


(Whittier Resident, Jim Vlassopoulos, submitted the following for posting on the Whittier Online website.)

I have been a resident of Whittier since 1999. I have a senior at FHS this year who first attended Whittier ES then WFMS. I also have a 7th grader at WFMS now. He is supposed to go onto the new FHS. However, community members need to be informed about the new Butterfly Ridge ES redistricting process the BOE is going to consider and how it MIGHT affect the Whittier ES feeder pattern from WFMS to FHS.

Community members are encouraged to view the proposed Butterfly Ridge ES redistricting map at http://www.fcps.org/facilities/documents/ButterflyRidgeStudyArea8-3-16.pdf
and note how Whittier ES is included in the "Secondary Study Area".

Also, please keep in mind our Whittier community has already been affected by FCPS redistricting back in the 90's.

There is a Frederick News-Post story today (9/30/16) surrounding the Butterfly Ridge ES redistricting. I have posted a FNP online comment under the username vlassopshop to this story and I encourage community members to view it at:

Thank you all in advance and I'm only attempting to inspire discussions about this FCPS system redistricting that MIGHT affect our children.