NAC 1 Meeting Minutes May 1, 2024

The following is a summary of the May 1st NAC meeting held at Whittier Elementary School.  You can find the complete minutes of the meeting at:

   Police Report

  • There has been an increase in the number of break in of motor vehicles in all the condominium parking lots. The majority of the break-ins are occurring between 10:30 Pm and 4:00 AM.
  • In addition to searching for unlocked cars, the thieves are also breaking the windows of cars if they see something of value in the vehicle.
  •  Cpl. Phillips reminded everyone to lock their car doors and take everything of value out.
  • If any resident has a camera focused on the condominium parking lots and had footage of a car break-in, please share that footage with the Fredrick police 
  •  A resident stated that in her condominium area of Glen Echo, people have been driving into their parking lot and sleeping overnight.  People have also been doing drugs in the picnic area. The resident explained that she had already spoken with Cpl. Phillips about this issue.
  • Cpl. Phillips shared that overall crime is low in NAC 1 compared to other areas of the city.

   Dogs off leash

  • The NAC coordinator brought up the issue of complaints about dogs running loose off their leashes. He stated that he had received over 70 complaints regarding the dog leash issue
  •  He stated that he filmed people doing it, keeping it as low key as possible. He also contacted animal control, and they took the complaint to the person that was committing the offense.
  • The NAC coordinator felt that it is still an issue and referenced the ordinances for dogs off leash. A resident stated that it is a city ordinance, and the HOA cannot enforce City ordinances. The city NAC representative interjected and stated that this issue would not be solved in one night, they have heard both points of view, and the City and HOA have been notified.
  • Cpl. Phillips told everyone to call the non-emergency number and report these incidents to the police.

  Dog Park

  • A resident explained that they have been able to come up with a task force regarding a Whittier Community Dog Park. They will have a meeting soon, which will include an overview of the park, guidelines, rules.
  • A location for the dog park has not been determined, but any locations would be somewhere accessible in Whittier.
  • The Committee plans to talk to Bob Smith at the Department of Public Works, for help.

  Site map of the Whittier community

  • A request was made for a comprehensive sit map of the Whittier community, showcasing City maintained property, and HOA maintained areas. The NAC representative said she would speak with engineering and parks and recreation to see if she can get any information and or maps of the area.