The Board of Directors of Whittier Community Association met virtually on January 23, 2024, at 7:01p.m. 


Andrea Weaver, Acting President 

Bernarda Jackson, Treasurer 

Frank Hackett, Director 

Jackie Parks, Director 

Nancy Sweet, Director 

Tim Sweeney, Director 

Jason Smith, Director 

Elizabeth Hoover, Director 

Sally Hoague, Director 




Nancy Keen, Vanguard Management 

Nicole Knowlton, Recording Secretary 

Homeowners Present: On file with Management 


Andrea Weaver, Acting President called the regular meeting to order at 7:01p.m. 

Motion: Nancy Sweet, Director made a motion to approve the minutes and corrections discussed by the Board from the previous minutes on November 28, 2023. 

Nancy Sweet / Jackie Parks Vote: 9/0/0 


Andrea Weaver, Vice president called for nominations for Officers of the Board 

Motion: To nominate Frank Hackett as President 

Elizabeth Hoover /Jackie Parks Vote: 6/3/0 

Motion: To nominate Andrea Weaver for President 

Nancy Sweet/ Bernarda Jackson 

The Board discussed Robert’s Rules of Order requirements on seconds for the motion of officers. The Acting President agreed no seconds were required. However, the Board proceeded to second further motions. Andrea Weaver, Acting President, inquired if the Board had any further nominations for President. No other nominations were mentioned at this time. Votes were tallied for the nominations. The acting recording secretary requested a roll call with the voting. 

Motion: To nominate Andrea Weaver for Vice President 

Jason Smith/Nancy Sweet Vote: 4/5/0 

Motion: To nominate Jackie Parks for Vice President 

Elizabeth Hoover/Frank Hackett Vote: 5/4/0 

Andrea Weaver, Vice President tallied the votes, and the results were: Frank Hackett as President and Jackie Parks as Vice President. 

Motion: To nominate Elizabeth Hoover as Secretary 

Jackie Parks/Frank Hackett Vote: 6/3/0 

Andrea Weaver tallied the votes and the results were: Elizabeth Hoover as Secretary 

Andrea Weaver asked for nominations for Treasurer 

Motion: To nominate Bernarda Jackson as Treasurer 

Nancy Sweet/Andrea Weaver Vote: 3/6/0 

Motion: To nominate Tim Sweeney as Treasurer 

Frank Hackett/Elizabeth Hoover Vote: 6/3/0 

Andrea Weaver listed all the new officers for the coming year 2024: 

Frank Hackett as President 

Jackie Parks as Vice President 

Elizabeth Hoover as Recording Secretary 

Tim Sweeney as Treasurer 

Andrea Weaver asked Nancy Keen, Vanguard Management, if the newly elected President would moderate the meeting moving forward. Nancy Keen replied the newly elected President is to moderate the meeting moving forward. Tim Sweeney thanked Andrea Weaver for filling in as interim president. 

Frank Hackett, President, thanked the former officers. He then asked the new members to introduce themselves. Sally Hoague, Elizabeth Hoover, and Tim Sweeney introduced themselves to the HOA. 

Frank Hackett, President moved the Homeowner Forum to the end of the meeting to facilitate time for reports. He said some of the questions by the Homeowners may be answered in the reports. 



Nancy Keen, Management stated that Aquatic Environmental Consultants (AEC) can perform the same lake management program that has been successful for many years to control the algae on the lake. AEC recommends the lake is treated every two (2) weeks. The City of Frederick only contracts for once-a-month treatment. The Association has been supplementing the City’s program with five (5) additional treatments. The cost has had no increase and will remain at $2,268.00. 

Motion: To Accept the Contract for Aquatic Environmental Consultants 

Nancy Sweet / Bernarda Jackson Vote: 9/0/0 


Nancy Keen, Management stated that Matt Elliott with Wetland Studies (WSSI) met on site with Casey Rausch, City of Frederick Stormwater Department, on December 13, 2023 to check the current condition of the Whittier Drive Eastern and Western basins. They went over a few items that will need to be addressed prior to the April 2024 inspection. 

Action: Management will forward the proposal for these repairs from WSSI, once it is received. 

Motion: Tabled 


Nancy Keen, Management stated that a homeowner contacted Management on December 22, 2023 regarding a trip hazard located on the common sidewalk along Lakeside Drive, to the side of 

2234 Wetherburne Way. Management contacted the City of Frederick to inspect the area and submit an estimate for repair. The City submitted the enclosed estimate on January 11th. The City will repair this area for $2,988.20. Management reached out to Lawn Systems and O’Leary to obtain additional estimates for this repair. Management will forward those bids to the Board when they are received. The Board had a question on how many sections were affected. Management stated it was 152 sq. feet. 

Action: Management will submit the bids by email. The Board may need to make the decision by email because of a time constraint. Management also said she will reach out to the city for an extension. 


Management would recommend investing $100,000.00 in a 9-month CD, so funds will be available later in the year. The Associations’ Reserve MM has $145,348.81. Management recommends investing $100,000.00 in a 2027 CD to continue to ladder the funds. Frank Hackett, President asked if Management knew the current money market interest rate. 

Action: Management said she would inquire about the current Money Market rate. 

Motion: To move forward with the two CD’s as recommended by Management 

Nancy Sweet/ Bernarda Jackson Vote: 9/0/0 


David Latch introduced himself as the oversight of the ACC committee. The request from the homeowner for an outdoor animal shelter was rescinded. The ACC Committee recommends the Board adopt the following update for the Guidelines regarding Outdoor Animal Shelters. Outdoor Animal Shelter Prohibition: Structures such as kennels, doghouses, chicken coops, or similar enclosures designed to house animals outdoors are prohibited within the property boundaries. These guidelines ensure that the community remains harmonious and conducive to a high quality of life for all. The Board discussed possible parameters of approval pertaining to animal shelters. 

Motion: To accept section 23- Outdoor Animal Shelters Prohibition 

Jackie Parks/ Tim Sweeney Vote: 8/1/0 


Nancy Keen Management stated that as the Board requested at the October meeting, Management reached out to numerous website design companies for proposals to redesign the 

Association’s website and transfer to WordPress. In a separate email, sent today, Management sent additional information on another Vanguard community that Trumpet Marketing researched. Frank Hackett, President, spoke with LeAnna Armstrong. LeAnna looked at Trumpet’s proposal and said she liked that they were simple and would justify Whittier Community’s needs. They do not provide hosting or domain. 

Action: To discover where the current domain is purchased and if there is a domain hosting bundle for the domain provider i.e… GoDaddy. Board Members Jackie Parks, Elizabeth Hoover, and Tim Sweeney will have further discussion with Leanna to explain options on why she prefers Trumpet Marketing. Also, to discuss the landscape of the website, and how to make the website user friendly. 

Motion: Tabled 


ACC– No additional information. Please see the Management report 

NAC1– Jack Weaver stated that he replied to all the homeowners that had complaints about GloFiber. He followed up on the police and traffic engineers and he was made aware that Whittier Community was placed on a priority list but there is no final plan pertaining to speeding to date. Additional garbage cans are being considered for animal waste. Jack has some solutions for the continuing problem of unleashed dogs. 

Pool Report– Andrea Weaver suggested a pool liaison for the three pools. This liaison would be available for cooperating with Continental. 

Townhouse Committee– Jackie Parks stated the committee has not met in the past month or two; however, a Townhome Open Forum will be forthcoming. 

Condominium Report– Nancy Sweet and Sally Hoague reported that due to many Condo residents who desired to attend the property Management meeting in January and were unable. The management is hosting a second session that will be held in February at the new location of Claggett Management in Frederick. A few of the Whittier Board members will be attending. The format will be Question and Answer along with detailing the new responsibilities of the property management. Sally Hoague has a goal to communicate with the 3 different management companies (Claggett, Jefferson, and MP) to work cohesively. 

Stormwater Management Committee– Jamie Parks stated a reinspection from the city is upcoming. Stagnant water education and prevention are needed. Jamie has a meeting with the City on February 2nd at 3:00 for planning 2024. He will inquire about how to address standing water. Frank Hackett stated that Management is being proactive on correcting issues of deficiency at the Eastern and Western Basins at Whittier Dr. The Board also addressed Paver and Swale solutions to discuss with the city. 

Landscape Report– Andrea Weaver stated that Ruppert is going to look at Christopher’s Crossing to see what vegetation needs to be replaced at no cost to HOA. The Garden Club will be helping with planting of flowers at all 3 pools in the Spring. 

Social Report– Andrea Weaver stated no Spring plans. 

Treasurer’s Report– Bernarda Jackson stated no news. 

Action: Frank Hackett, President, stated because of the low involvement on the committees, his desire is to have a charter. A charter is a job description for a committee. He said that before the next meeting he would like to begin developing the charters with the help of Nancy Keen. He would 

like to add finance, pool/ landscape and communications committees. He invited volunteers to participate in the committees. Volunteers should contact any Board member. 

Frank Hackett inquired about the contract for the management company 

Action: Frank Hackett, President said he will be talking with the owner of Vanguard about the contract with regard to what the HOA by-laws dictate. 


Nancy Keen, Management discussed the collection agency 

Vanguard is in the process of getting the state of Maryland approval for a collection certificate, a response is pending. Frank Hackett asked for feedback regarding collection agency usage. Nancy Keen stated Vanguard is in the process of getting Maryland state approval. 

Frank Hackett, President, had questions about annual assessments. The Board and David Latch discussed the process of assessment payments. 

Frank Hackett, President asked Nancy Keen Management for an update on inquiring about the bylaws and declarations that are currently with the attorney. Management said that the attorney sent her a questionnaire to fill out. 

Action: Management will send the questionnaire to the Board 

Jackie Parks, Director inquired about an update on Wren Alley. Management stated that there is a standing City code ordinance section 13-29 that states there is no parking in the alley even though currently no signs are posted. The city is deciding the location of installing signs. 


Frank Hackett, President, requested a representative from Morgan Stanley to discuss CD’s and investments. 

He requested an invitation be extended to Whittier’s Community’s attorney to attend a meeting to discuss their collections process. 

Frank Hackett requested Whittier’s auditors to present their final audit to the Board. 

Requested the Principle of Vanguard to meet with the Board to discuss the contract. 

The Board discussed dismissing Nicole Knowlton, Recording Secretary. The Board discussed having Elizabeth Hoover, Secretary take the minutes moving forward. There was a discussion about recording the meeting minutes. 

Motion: To have Elizabeth Hoover, Recording Secretary document the minutes 

Frank Hackett/Jackie Parks Vote: 4/3/2 

Frank Hackett, President, proposed 3 extra workshops within the year. The purpose of the workshop is to do the work of the Board with no motions or attendees. Next workshop to be held Tuesday, February 20th, 2024 


David Latch inquired about who is responsible for shoveling the snow on the sidewalks. The homeowner stated that Greenleaf was not shoveled by the pool. Management responded that the common area and the parking lot at the pool is not required to be shoveled. 

Nancy Sweet asked Management if Greenleaf had an inspection within the past week. Nancy Keen, Vanguard Management, responded that there was an inspection of the pool, pump room and pool house. 

Henry Homeowner thanked the Board for their service and said he preferred the new format. He stated it enabled him to hear everything that was taking place in the Community. 


Motion: To close the regular session and move into closed session at 8:55 p.m. 

Jackie Parks/Jason Smith Vote: 9/0/0 

Please note: The next regular meeting will be held on March 26, 2024 

There was no additional business, the executive meeting was held. The regular board meeting adjourned at 8:55 p.m. 

Jackie Parks/Jason Smith Vote:9/0/0 

Respectfully Submitted, Nicole Knowlton Recording Secretary 

Edited 3/26/2024 during the HOA meeting by Elizabeth Hoover, Secretary