Recycling in Whittier



Reminder: Recycling is a service arranged by Frederick County Government, with collection provided by a contractor. The County’s contract with the recycling crew requires them to clean up any materials that they spill. So, if you see a recycling crew or truck drop litter, please contact the County office right away so that the issue can be addressed. Email:, phone: 301-600-2960, Facebook messages to @FrederickRecycles or use the convenient Recycle Coach app to report issues and send photos.

Please note that the recycling crew is not responsible for picking up litter that is already on the ground when they arrive. This is where your actions can help- especially when windy weather is forecast!

  1. The County offers three sizes of recycling carts; please make sure you have a cart that is big enough to hold all of your materials inside (don’t set extra items next to the cart during bad weather). Visit for more information or to place a cart order.
  2. Do not overfill carts. To secure materials, the lid must be able to close all the way.
  3. On windy days, you can tape the lid of your recycling cart closed or place a brick or rock on the lid, if you find that to be helpful.
  4. If you have a lot of extra recycling, there is also a free-to-use recycling drop-off center located at 9031 Reichs Ford Road, open Monday through Saturday from 7am until 4:30pm.

Thank you for your participation in the recycling program! Please visit the County’s website or Facebook page for relevant program info and updates, as well as collection schedules and event calendars.



Did you know that about one out of every ten things placed in a recycle bin is not actually recyclable? Much of the time, that’s caused by “wishcycling,” or placing things in a blue bin that you aren’t sure but hope are recyclable. That actually hurts the local program, reducing its efficiency, making the process more expensive and sometimes even ruining the chances that other good materials get recycled. If you want to help the recycling program succeed, here are four easy steps to take:

  1. Visit the County website to print a flyer or view tips for “recycling right”:
  2. Join the community conversation about recycling at
  3. Use the free Recycle Coach app to check whether an item is recyclable
  4. Plastics are the trickiest items for recycling: avoid these common mistakes…Do not place cups, cutlery, takeout containers, produce bins, food bags/wrappers or pouches in a blue bin. And, believe it or not, don’t look for the so-called “recycling symbol” on the bottom of a package, it isn’t there to give you recycling instructions (really!). Want to know if something is really recyclable? Call 301-600-2960, or simply refer to steps  1 - 3.



Did you know that any single-family home is entitled to receive a recycling container from the County, for no charge? Whether you rent or own your home, visit the County’s website to place an order. You can also request to have a cart repaired/replaced, or exchanged for a different size (there are three sizes of carts, plus small hand-held bins) or make a report if your cart has gone missing.

Once you have a cart, make sure to set it out by 6am of your recycling collection day. (Streets do not have an assigned collection time, just a regularly scheduled day.)  Use the free Recycle Coach app to get reminders for when to set your cart out, or, visit the County’s website to sync your recycling schedule to a digital calendar. And remember, do NOT place any materials in plastic bags, when it comes to recycling - keep it loose!

Visit or call 301-600-2960 for more information.




Did you know that there are local events to help you recycle more and waste less? From document shredding, to hazardous waste disposal, free recycling programs, to classes on composting…you can find lists of community programs at, or call 301-600-2960 for more information.