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Pet Etiquette

Pet owners are reminded that they should walk their pets AWAY from neighbors’ homes, playground areas, and high traffic areas.

Whittier’s covenants state that pet owners should “pick up after their pets.” The Frederick city also has an enforceable pet waste ordinance. Let’s face it these things are not only the law but also signs of a considerate pet owner/neighbor.


  • Abandoned pet waste contains a host of diseases and/or parasites, which can infect other dogs or be transmitted to people who might step in it and track it home.
  • Rain and garden runoff washes pet waste into the Chesapeake, creating public health issues.
  • It is the law! Just like littering, it is unlawful NOT to pick up after your dog and is subject to fine. The law requires that you must always pick up after your dog and carry “a suitable instrument” to do so whenever you walk your dog.

Complaints may be handled in one of three ways. First, give a friendly reminder to your neighbor concerning this issue. If the problem still continues you may contact the City Police at (301) 694-2101. A police officer would come out and talk to the person reporting the incident. If there is sufficient information the pet owner would then be issued a municipal infraction for violating the law. Secondly, you may contact Whittier Community Association c/o Vanguard Management with this form. Your confidential complaint must include date/time of incident, description of pet, and the address of the owner.

Give your dog a hand in preventing stormwater pollution by following these easy to remember steps when walking your dog:

  • ALWAYS pick up after your dog! There are many dogs in Whittier, and each one poops once or twice a day… you do the math!
  • Carry extra bags when walking your dog and encourage other dog owners to clean up after their pets, as well.
  • Teach your children how to properly clean up and dispose of pet waste.

Your actions set an example for others. When you pick up after your dog, you are helping the environment.

Thank you for doing your part and disposing of pet waste properly!

Frederick Animal Ordinance


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