Annual Meeting Minutes

Whittier Community Association

Annual Meeting

Whittier Elementary School

November 26, 2013




Bernarda Jackson, Treasurer                          

Jenny Marino, Secretary                                           

Nancy Sweet, Director                                              

Paul Zimnik, Director            

Bill Watt, Director



Dave Fowler, President

Bill Ryan, Vice-President


Others Present:

Nancy Keen, Vanguard Management, Community Representative

Shelly Henning, Recording Secretary

10 Homeowners



Bill Watt, Director of the Board of Whittier Community HOA called the annual meeting to order at 7:05pm.


  1. Roll Call and Certification of proxies:

A quorum of 159 was required.  A total of 156 proxies were received and approximately 10 homeowners were at the meeting – the quorum was surpassed.

B.  Proof of notice of meeting or waiver of notice:

The fact that Management received a large amount of proxies and that residents attended is proof of notice.

C.Drawings for HOA fees:

1.Winner drawn from the proxies

Melissa Roberts

2431 Lakeside Dr.

2.Winner present at meeting:

Marianne Hornstein

2411 Shaker Lane



Motion:  To approve the minutes as written.

Homeowner/Homeowner                 Vote:  Unanimous




A.Report from the President:

Mr. Dave Fowler, the President was not present and the Board Members gave a quick report on the Association.

  •  The apartments are being built by Aushermen and the Association will get funds for the apartments.
  •  We need more Board Members.
  • Discussed how the Board has kept expenses low. 
  • The Association does have a lot of delinquencies.  The last 5 years have been the worst because of the economy.  Only so many things that the Association can do to collect the money. 
  • We have added information to the architectural guidelines regarding solar panels.  It is all online.


IV.Reports of Committees, if any:



V.Election or appointment of inspectors of election.


VI.Election of Directors:

There are 3 Board positions available each with a three year term.   There are two pre-announced candidates: Bernarda Jackson and Nancy Sweet.  There is one vacant position.  Mr. Daniel Cowell discussed his interest in becoming a Board member.  It was noted that there would still be one vacancy for Director.

Motion:  To nominate Daniel Cowell to be the written in candidate.

Sweet/Jackson                            Vote:  Unanimous

Motion:  I move that Ms. Sweet and Ms. Jackson be reelected and Mr. Cowell be added as a Board Member.

Zimnik/Homeowner                   Vote:  Unanimous


VII.Unfinished business:


VIII.New Business:

A.Homeowner Concerns:

1. How do we get police to come out for speeding traffic?

There has been drag racing up and down Christopher’s Crossing.  The police are now complaint responsive. 

2. The Board and Homeowner’s discussed the city does have responsibility to cut/trim certain trees.

3.A question was asked if our By-laws need to be updated.  Management explained in order to change anything in the By-laws it would have to be approved by 75% of the Homeowners.

The Board does ask Management how other communities may handle a problem since they manage many other communities.  Some architectural things have changed.



            There being no additional business the Annual Meeting was adjourned at 7:39pm.

Motion:  To adjourn the meeting.

      Homeowner/Homeowner                       Vote:  Unanimous 



Respectfully yours,




Shelly Henning

Recording Secretary