Whittier Community Associates HOA, Inc.
Regular Meeting Minutes

October 27, 2015

The Board of Directors of Whittier Community Association met at the Somerford House, Frederick, Maryland on October 27, 2015 at 7:00 p.m.


Paul Zimnik, President
Daniel Cowell, Vice-President Bill Ryan, Director
Bernarda Jackson, Treasurer
Nancy Sweet, Director
Andrea Weaver, Director
Larry Hornstein, Director
Roger Franks, Director


Bill Ryan, Director
Bill Watt, Director


Others Present

Ed Hargis, Chief of Police for City of Frederick
Ms. Madison, Homeowner from Ridgeview II
Unnamed Homeowners
David Latch, ACC
Nancy Keen, Vanguard Management, Community Representative
Shelly Henning, Recording Secretary




Dr. Paul Zimnik, President of Whittier Community HOA called the regular meeting to order at 7:01pm with a quorum present.




The Board discussed the September 22, 2015 minutes. Motion: To accept the minutes. Frank/Weaver Vote: Unanimous



  1. Ed Hargis, Chief of Police, Frederick City: The Chief of Police had been invited to meet with The Board. Chief Hargis became the Chief in July of this year. He also lives in the community. The Board discussed the pool vandalism and what would be the best deterrent. They discussed getting cameras at the pool. Chief Hargis suggested that the Association get legal advice from an attorney and an insurance company to know the liability with the use of cameras. The Board would like to revisit the possibility of installing the cameras in the spring of 2016. Several of the Residents discussed that speeding has been an issue in the neighborhood. A resident discussed that several cars are parking illegally on Saturday and Sunday mornings at the park by the Greenleaf pool.



  1. Tree Removal/Replacement Proposals and Transplanting and Removal of Crape Myrtles:
    1. 2410/2412 Dunmore Ct.: Based on a Homeowner complaint, Classic inspected the common area tree at the traffic island in front of 2410/2412 Dunmore Court. It was determined the tree is dead. Classic gave a proposal to remove and replace the tree with a maple. The new tree is to be staked and mulched. This proposal includes an initial watering upon installation. The tree is not under warranty without the execution of a signed watering contract. The cost is $1,858.00
    2. These Crape Myrtles are located at the mailbox area at the corner of Cobblestone and Independence. Classic is suggestion to replace both Crape Myrtles with two Columnar Maples. Classic will transplant the living Crape Myrtle to a location to be determined. The Board discussed that the Crape Myrtle is not appropriate for the spot, they are too spread out. One of the crapes is dead and it would not look appropriate to only have one at this location. The new trees would grow straight up and would be a better fit. The cost is $1,820.00. Motion: To accept the proposals for both areas totaling $3,678.00 by Classic. Weaver/Franks Vote: 4 Yes 2 Oppose
  2. Pool Furniture Repairs: Criterion inspected the broken pool furniture and submitted an estimate for the re-strapping and repairs of the pool furniture from all of the three pools. This is about 1/3 of the cost of buying new. The furniture will look brand new. This is a Reserve expense. Motion: To accept Criterion’s proposal. Hornstein/Weaver Vote: Unanimous
  3. Snow Removal Contract: The Association is responsible only to clear the common sidewalks in the community as the streets are City owned and maintained and are plowed by the City. Classic has proposed $60.00/hr to clear the walks/steps with shovels and $70.00hr to clear walks with a blower. The total cost will be dependent on the amount of snow we get. The Board discussed the benefit of using Classic; they are very familiar with the neighborhood and know what needs to be done. Classic is very close to other companies in price. In general they have done a great job. The snow cleared on the sidewalks on Christopher’s Crossing from Greenleaf to the Shopping center can have issues of the snow blowing back over the sidewalks after it has been cleared due to the open land of the farm. Motion: To accept Classic’s snow removal proposal. Hornstein/Franks Vote: 6 Yes 1 Oppose
  4. ACC Guideline Revisions: The ACC Committee met on Monday, October 5, 2015. The Committee members revised the ACC Guidelines and they were previously forwarded to the Board via email on October 6, 2015. The Board is very happy with the revision. The Board would like the revision to be put on the Whittier web site. Dr. Zimnik will post them to the web site and also make sure the old guidelines will be taken off the web site. The effective date will be January 2016. The Annual meeting notices will be mailed out the first week in November and should include a mention of the new guidelines. The Board also discussed adding clarity to the guidelines that the homeowner would still need to comply with the City guidelines and apply for all pertinent City permits independently. The Board and the ACC Chair agreed to add this clarity to the Preface of the Guidelines. Motion: To accept the amended ACC Guidelines with the clarity of City guidelines and permits wording added to the Preface. Cowell/Weaver/ Vote: Unanimous
  5. 2016 Operating Budget Final Approval: Management developed a draft 2016 operating budget for the Association. The Board approved for the Budget to be mailed to all homeowners for comment. The 2016 Budget was mailed on September 10th. Management has not received any comments from the Homeowners. Upon the Board’s final budget approval, the assessment notice and new payment coupons will be mailed in November. There is a $3.00 increase for the Townhomes. The Board has been very careful to stay within the budget. The Board discussed the possibility of adding cameras to the pools; there is $6,000.00 in the budget for Capital Improvements. Motion: To approve 2016 budget Hornstein/Sweet Vote: 5 For 1 Oppose
  6. Collection Decisions:
    1. Settlement Offer********: This homeowner proposed a settlement of $601.00 to pay her balance of $4,543.14 in full at the September meeting. The Board denied this request. The homeowner and her legal representative had a few concerns they wanted to share with the Board. She has a $30,000.00 lien against her condo. She is considering filing bankruptcy if the Board is unwilling to come to an agreement which would result in very little paid to the Association, if anything. She is the current owner of the home. The Board discussed that these are hard cost to the Association and would not consider a counter offer. Motion: To deny the counter offer and only accept what is owed to the Association. Cowell/Franks Vote: Unanimous
    2. Collection Cost Waiver Request/**********: This Homeowner is requesting the legal fees/collection costs of $342.50 be waived due to injury and her financial situation. She has stated that if the Board will not waive the fees, she requests a payment plan of $25.00 per month to pay these fees. The Board stated that she is making a good faith effort to pay it off. Motion: To accept $25.00 a month beginning December 1, 2015 until the entire amount is paid off. Cowell/Frank Vote: Unanimous
    3. Amounts owed from Previous Owners: The Board discussed if there are previous homeowners that owe the Association $2.00 or less for Management to have that amount written off to bad debt. Motion: To write off to bad debt any expense that is $2.00 or less from a previous owner. Hornstein/Sweet Vote: Unanimous




A.  ACC: none

B.  Pool Committee: none

C.  Townhouse Committee: none

D.  Condo Committee: none

E. Landscaping Committee: none

F. Communication Committee: The Board discussed the problem that most homeowners think the Whittier Facebook page is the official web site for the community. The Board discussed the need to update the Whittier Web site. There has only been just one person managing the web site on a volunteer basis. He also owns the URL and would like to transfer it to the Association. The Board would like Management to get a cost from three different venders to transfer the Web site and manage the site. Motion: Transfer the URL to the Association. Hornstein/Weaver Vote: Unanimous Action: Management to get at least three proposals to set up, and transfer the Whittier web site to a user friendly web site. Action: Dr. Zimnik will transfer the ownership of the web site of the URL to the Association and remove his name.

G. Social Committee: Lakeside Festival: The Board thought the amount of food that was given to each person was too much and at the end of the day they ran out of food. The food vender was expecting a tip that the Board was not aware of. The Venders did not have a bathroom to use and next year the Board wanted to make sure those accommodations would be met. The Board thought the Venders should be able to supply their own tables for the event. Not all the gifts were given out at the Festival and the Board wanted to offer the gifts as a drawing at the Annual meeting for those that attended. The Board would like to look at a date for the next festival at the next Board meeting. The Board thanked Ms. Weaver, Mr. Cowell, and Mr. Franks for all of their hard work on the Festival.

H.  Treasurer’s Report:  none






  1. There was no old business discussed.



  1. Modify By-laws: A few Board members asked if it would be possible to fine for violations. Management stated that withholding pool passes has worked in the past. In order to modify the by-laws, it would have to be voted on by the homeowners and pass by 67%.
  2. Pool passes: The Board discussed that not as many outside pool passes were sold last year. The Board would like to talk at a future meeting about lowering the price.




There being no additional business for the Board to conduct at this time, the Board meeting adjourned at: 9:18pm. Motion: To adjourn. Frank/Hornstein Vote: Unanimous



Please note the next scheduled meeting is November 24, 2015 at 7:00PM.



Respectfully yours,


Shelly Henning
Recording Secretary