Annual Meeting Minutes

Whittier Community Association
Minutes of the Annual Community Meeting
November 26, 2007
Whittier Elementary School


In Attendance:  Board Members – Josh Bokee, William Lukens, Jenny Marino, Erlene Moser, Mark Nichols, Gary Simon, Eric Struntz, Bill Watt, and Paul Zimnik   Vanguard Management:  Nancy Keen

The meeting was called to order at 7:25 PM.

Membership totaling 168 (proxies plus those in attendance) provided a quorum, with 150 needed.

HOA president Bill Watt addressed the group at the start of the meeting.

By motion (Struntz, Simon) the 2006 annual meeting minutes were approved.

Committee Reports: None

Election of Officers:  By motion (made and 2nd by HOA members present) the following were elected to the Whittier HOA Board of Directors for 3 year terms.
         Josh Bokee
         Mark Nichols
         Eric Struntz

Open Forum:

An association member raised concerns about goose droppings around Whittier Lake.  The resident was advised to call the City of Frederick since the lake is city property.

A resident questioned the presence of “Village Market” signage in two areas:  at the main Whittier sign and also at the Rocky Springs Road entrance to Whittier.  The Board urged residents to contact the City of Frederick - Code Enforcement with concerns regarding signage.

A resident asked if our “NAC” was still active.  Board member Josh Bokee, who holds a leadership role in our NAC (NAC-1), assured the audience that the NAC is still effective, meeting the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM.  He also provided a brief overview.

One homeowner expressed interest in having one or more pools kept operational past Labor Day, during September weekends.  The Board will further discuss this for the ‘08 pool season.

One resident complimented the snow removal efforts for the 2006-2007 winter season.

Random Drawings:  12 gift certificates plus one for a year’s HOA dues were awarded to winning homeowners present at the meeting.  Board members were included in these drawings.

Adjournment:  By motion (Struntz, Simon) the meeting concluded at 8:07 PM.


Meeting minutes submitted by Jenny Marino.