Whittier Community Association
Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors
October 22, 2007
Somerford House

In attendance: Board members – William Lukens, Jenny Marino, Erlene Moser, Mark Nichols, Eric Struntz Vanguard Management – Nancy Keen

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM. William Lukens made an audio recording of the meeting; he will destroy the recording when the meeting minutes are published. By motion (Moser, Lukens) September’s meeting minutes were approved. August’s amended meeting minutes were posted on the Whittier website prior to being reviewed by board members. After discussion, all agreed that Vanguard Management will forward amended meeting minutes to board members for review prior to posting on the HOA website.

Homeowner Forum

Regarding 2243 West Greenleaf Dr. (vacant home that is for sale), a request was made that Vanguard Management contact the listing agent about a large number of household items left in the driveway by the garage. The items should be stored out of sight.

Management Report

Signs in the Community: Management reported that Ausherman will likely pay painting expenses for the large sign at Christopher’s Crossing and Rocky Springs Road. Other smaller signs within the community will either remain and be painted at Ausherman/Drees expense, or they will be removed.

Ausherman Plans for Landscaping and Fencing in “The Vistas”:
Management presented Ausherman’s fence and landscape buffer plan to board members. A 3-rail paddock style fence is to be installed in certain areas of “The Vistas,” also referred to as Whittier section “9R.” The fence will be black in color. Additionally, all residents of “The Vistas” will be required to match that style and color if fencing is added to their properties. Currently, black as a fence color is not permitted according to HOA documents. Board members discussed the likelihood of having to amend ACC guidelines (which were just amended, approved, and distributed to homeowners in 2007). Additionally, the Board agreed Ausherman should be asked to incur any costs associated with amending the guidelines again, should that be necessary. Board members agreed to view the fence before the January board meeting, at which time discussion will continue regarding amending the ACC Guidelines.

Maintenance Inspection Final Notices: Per Board decision, Management requested that the HOA attorney send letters to 2448 Lakeside Dr. and 2240 West Palace Green Terrace. Management will update the Board at the November meeting as to the timeline included in the letters and overall status.

2008 Operating Budget: Bill Lukens reported that he received questions from residents regarding insurance and management fees included in the 2008 budget recently mailed to homeowners. Board members discussed briefly insurance figures in the 2008 budget and also the projected budgeted management fee, which is based on new homes completed in the coming year. Board members agreed that it would be very helpful for Management to itemize their fees in a brief “1 pager” that would explain the fee increase. The document would also be something for board members to view and discuss, that would provide an explanation to homeowners if questions arise. Management noted that there were no written complaints or comments regarding the 2008 budget. By motion (Nichols, Zimnik) the 2008 budget was approved; W. Lukens opposed.

Committee Reports

ACC: Management received an application from Paul and Theresa Zimnik for a shed larger than what is allowed in the ACC guidelines. Board members reviewed the paperwork supplied by the homeowners and discussed granting a size variance based on that information. Board member Paul Zimnik left the room for additional board discussion and vote. By motion (Lukens, Moser) the Board agreed to a variance allowing the 264 sq. ft. shed based on the large 2.21 acre lot size. Also, the home is located in the rear portion of the community and not on a main thoroughfare. The application will be sent back to the ACC for additional review and approval.

Townhome: No formal report.

Condo: It has been noted that Echo Glen I and II condo buildings have artificial owls positioned at each end. Board members discussed that the management company for Echo Glen I and II should have received HOA approval to allow for an exterior building change. By motion (Zimnik, Nichols) Vanguard Management will send a letter to Swank Management requesting that they submit an application for an exterior change/alteration. The Board believes that the addition of the owls requires ACC review. Vanguard Management will include an ACC application with the letter.

Landscape: No formal report.

Pool: No formal report. Management reported that all approved pool repairs are completed except for those at the Cobblestone pool.

Communications: The fall newsletter is complete and will be mailed prior to the end of October. From now on, website updates at board meetings will be included in the communications committee report.

Social: No formal report.

Treasurer’s Report: No formal report. Board members discussed if enough is being done to monitor and collect from delinquent accounts. Management will check the status of delinquencies of $1,000 or more and report to the Board at the next meeting.

New Business

Annual Homeowners Meeting: It was noted that three board positions are up for renewal.

Old Business

Reforestation areas: Management reported that these areas were checked and maintained as requested in the recent landscape report.

The meeting adjourned at 8:38 PM.