Whittier Community Association
Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors
September 24, 2007
Somerford House

In attendance: Board members – William Lukens, Jenny Marino, Erlene Moser, Gary Simon, Eric Struntz, and Bill Watt Vanguard Management – Nancy Keen; Guests– Bob Terpening of REI, John DeVore and Ray Edwards of Meadows Ice Cream

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM. August’s meeting minutes required inclusion of the vote to publish approved minutes on the Whittier website. By motion (Lukens, Struntz) August’s meeting minutes were approved as amended.

Recreational Enterprises

Bob Terpening of Recreational Enterprises attended the meeting to provide an update of pool repairs and address questions regarding contract renewal.
Bob reported that pool repairs commenced on 9/24/2007 and that REI found a leak on the Wetherburne wade pool. Bob also stated that he believed their first season at Whittier went well, but that there is definitely room for improvement. He wants to focus his business on Northern Montgomery and Frederick counties to better serve his accounts there. The contract renewal addendums provided to board members are for the 2008 and 2009 pool seasons.

Homeowner Forum

John Devore and Ray Edwards representing Meadows Ice Cream in the Whittier Village Center attended the board meeting to express concerns regarding lackluster business at their establishment. They discussed the following items with board members.
Pine trees behind the large Whittier sign block the view of the Village Center from Christopher’s Crossing. They suggested that perhaps the trees could be “thinned” to provide better visibility. The Board advised John and Ray to contact Mr. Toomey regarding his intentions with the trees since they are planted on his property and not on HOA property.
In general, the Village Center shops are not doing well. “In Shape” fitness center has already closed, and one merchant has indicated that he/she will probably not renew their lease when that time comes.

It was suggested that the HOA could generate activities that bring people into the community, increasing awareness of the shops.

Management Report

September Landscape Committee Report: A formal landscape report was submitted to the Board in September’s meeting packet. Classic has already provided proposals for certain report items. By motion (Struntz, Lukens) the Board voted to move forward with all Classic proposals and to have them remove all shrubs surrounding the Cobblestone pool, filling in the area with white stones (item #16). Management will contact Ausherman regarding soil and seed of Emerson Drive common area and tot lot (item #14). By motion (Moser, Simon) the Board agreed to ask Ausherman to remove all “smaller” Whittier signs on HOA /condo property that have faded and need repainted (items #2,5). Regarding signs and signposts near the Village Center (items #7,8,9), the Board agreed by motion (Simon, Moser) to have Management contact Frederick City code enforcement for possible removal. Management will also contact Ausherman as well as get bids to have the large Whittier sign at the intersection of Rocky Springs Rd. and Christopher’s Crossing repainted (item #4).

Pool Management Contract: By motion (Simon, Struntz) the Board approved the management contract addendums for 2008 and 2009 provided by REI.

Maintenance Inspection Final Notices: Only three properties have not made corrections: 2100 Paxton Terrace, 2240 W. Palace Green Terrace, and 2448 Lakeside Drive. By motion (Simon, Lukens) the Board agreed to have our attorney send notices of possible legal action to the homeowners at 2240 W. Palace Green Terrace and 2448 Lakeside Drive. The Board also authorized Management by motion (Simon, Struntz) to send a letter of intent for Classic to enter the property at 2100 Paxton Terrace to correct the violation(s).

Village Center Association Donation: A small group of board members met with Gerald Toomey in September to discuss using the donated $12,303 for lakefront improvements. The idea of a “Whittier Day” similar to Frederick’s “In the Street” was discussed at that meeting, but the Board has agreed to withhold further discussion of that idea or any other regarding those funds.

Lakefront Center Shops/Newsletter Ideas: By motion (Struntz, Lukens) the Board agreed to offer free ¼ page ads for all Village Center merchants in the upcoming fall newsletter.

Minutes Posted on the Website: By motion (Lukens, Struntz) the Board voted to post all approved meeting minutes on the Whittier website, omitting residents’/homeowners’ names and addresses. The board secretary is to forward approved minutes to the webmaster for posting. By motion (Lukens, Simon) Paul Zimnik was appointed webmaster of the Whittier website.

2008 Draft Operating Budget: By motion (Simon, Lukens) board members voted to approve the 2008 operating budget as submitted to the Board for publication to homeowners.

Snow Clearing Contract: By motion (Simon, Lukens) the Board approved the 2007/2008 snow removal contract submitted by Classic Landscaping.

Committee Reports

ACC: No formal report.

Townhome: No formal report.

Condo: No formal report.

Landscape: A formal report was submitted to board members in the September meeting packet (see Management report).

Pool: No formal report.

Communications: A fall newsletter is in the works.

Social: No formal report.

Treasurer’s Report: No formal report.

New Business

Annual Homeowners Meeting: By motion (Lukens, Moser) board members agreed to purchase, using HOA funds, twelve $30.00 gift certificates for the Village Center shops to be given via random drawings at the annual meeting; winners must be present. Additionally, the Board voted (Lukens, Simon) to offer one year free HOA dues ($248) to the person whose name is drawn; the individual must be present at the meeting to win.
This will all be advertised in the newsletter and announced in the formal meeting notice.

The meeting adjourned at 9:08 PM.