Whittier Community Association
Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors
August 27, 2007
Somerford House

In attendance: Board members – William Lukens, Jenny Marino, Erlene Moser, Mark Nichols, Gary Simon, Eric Struntz, Bill Watt, and Paul Zimnik; Vanguard Management – Nancy Keen; Guest – Mike Blank, Frederick City Code enforcement

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM. By motion (Struntz, Lukens) June’s meeting minutes were approved as written.

Frederick City Code Enforcement

Mike Blank addressed our group and fielded questions regarding issues pertaining to code enforcement within Whittier. These include:

  1. signage placed throughout the community by businesses, realtors, etc.,
  2. businesses being run within residences,
  3. overcrowding of residences,
  4. evictions (household items left on city streets/property),
  5. landscape violations

Mr. Blank noted that code enforcement questions and correspondence may be communicated via email addresses: violations@cityoffrederick.com and mike@cityoffrederick.com.

Management Report

Pool Repairs / Reserve Funds: Board members discussed the bid for pool repairs provided by Recreational Enterprises. There is concern that the per foot measurements for the coping stones and the water line tile (Cobblestone pool) should match, which they do not. Board members agreed to have Management get an additional bid(s) for repairs needed at both Greenleaf and Cobblestone pools. Voting will follow review of additional bids.

Draft Operating Budget: By motion (Struntz, Zimnik) board members voted to withhold discussion of the budget until the board meets again in September, provided a separate meeting of interested board members is held to discuss details of the budget and propose needed revisions.

Reserve Investment: By motion (Nichols, Zimnik) board members agreed to move funds from three CD’s (maturing 9/11/07, 9/28/07, and 10/1/07) into the money market account in order to pay for pool repairs to the Greenleaf and Cobblestone pools that may occur this fall.

Maintenance Violation Hearings

Residents of 2092 E. Greenleaf Dr. were present for their hearing. They stated that their maintenance violations have been corrected and expressed concern that there are inconsistencies in the current system; some homeowners receive letters while others with violations do not. Management explained that a check list system is used on each home to identify violations. While all homes are evaluated the same way, mistakes do occur, and homeowners are encouraged to notify management. No other homeowners were present for hearings. Violations that remain:
2562 Carrington Way
2415 Dunmore Ct.
2415 Graystone Lane
2111 Independence St.
2448 Lakeside Dr.
2100 Paxton Terrace
2406 Prentice Ct.
2256 Wetherburne Way
2240 W. Palace Green Terrace
2222 W. Palace Green Terrace

By motion (Zimnik, Simon) board members agreed that Vanguard Management send each of the aforementioned homeowners a letter stating that violations must be corrected by September 17, 2007 or the Board of Directors of the Whittier Homeowners Assoc. may exercise the option of having the violations/repairs corrected and holding homeowners financially responsible.

Committee Reports

ACC: No formal report.

Townhome: No formal report.

Condo: No formal report.

Landscape: No formal report. Nancy will check with Ausherman regarding the reforestation project to see if tree sleeves of dead trees may be removed now, prior to the initial thinning to occur at two years.

Pool: No formal report.

Communications: A fall newsletter is in the works and is scheduled for October distribution.

Social: No formal report.

Treasurer’s Report: No formal report.

Old Business

Village Center Association: A meeting of interested board members is scheduled for September 4, 2007, 7:30 PM at the Coffee Table to “brainstorm” lakefront improvements using the $12,303 turned over to the Whittier HOA from the VCA. Invited guests will be Mr. R. Myers from the City of Frederick’s Dept. of Parks and Recreation and Mr. G. Toomey of the Lakefront Village Center.

Board Meeting Minutes on the Website: By motion (Lukens, Struntz) board members agreed to publish the approved Whittier HOA Board of Directors monthly meeting minutes on the Whittier website. Following the vote, board members discussed whether or not homeowner names and addresses should appear on the website as they do in the approved minutes. The board then that requested that Management contact the HOA attorney for legal opinion.

Paint Scheme Information: B. Watt and P. Zimnik agreed to discuss options for distributing approved paint colors to the community via the website. They will report back to the board.


The board meeting adjourned at 9:08 PM.