Whittier Community Associates HOA, Inc.
Regular Meeting Minutes
August 28th, 2018

The Board of Directors of Whittier Community Association met at the Somerford House, Frederick, MD on August 28th, 2018, at 7:00 p.m.

Paul Zimnik, President                                                                               
John Arkoian, Secretary
Bernarda Jackson, Treasurer 
Mike Desimon, Director 
Susan Miller, Director                    
Nancy Sweet, Director

Bill Watt, Vice-President 
Eric Struntz, Director

Others Present: 
Nancy Keen, Vanguard Management, Community Representative
Renee Henning, Recording Secretary
Dave Latch, ACC President
Jack Weaver, NAC1 Representative
Continental Pools Representatives (2)
Special Guest, Ken Abrecht, Sales & Design Manager, Dorcus Construction Co., Inc.
Special Guests, Members of the Riptide Swim Team

  1. CALL TO ORDER: Dr. Paul Zimnik, President of Whittier Community HOA called the regular meeting to order at 6:55 pm with a quorum present.
  2. MINUTES: The Board discussed the June 26th, 2018 minutes and noted edits to be made.
    • Motion:  To approve the June 26th, 2018 minutes with the noted edits.
    • Miller/Desimon                Vote: 5/0/1
  3. HOMEOWNER & GUEST FORUM:Pool Plaque: The Riptide Team presented a plaque to post at the Greenleaf pool. The Board approved hanging the sign by the front door. 
    1. Outside Pool Membership Refund Request: To date, Management has processed 58 paid Outside Pool Membership applications. A request form was submitted for a $100.00 refund of an Outside Member’s membership fee.  Requesting the refund because did not receive the pool passes until June 15th. Vanguard mailed 2 sets of pools passes to the homeowner on 5/15 and 6/6. Homeowner reports did not receive any of the passes and they were not returned by the post office. Management personally dropped off a set of pool passes for Outside Member on 6/15. Only Outside Member who has experienced issue with pool passes before.
      • The homeowner believes they should get the July rate, but had the passes for half of June. The Board discussed that they should just get $50 refunded for the 2 weeks without the passes.
      • Motion:  To approve the request for a refund in the amount of $50.00.
      • Miller/Sweet                Vote:  6/0/0
    2. Fall Pool Repairs: Continental Pool provided a proposal for Fall pool repairs. A 10% discount will be given if the repairs are completed this Fall. The skimmer replacements that were approved in the Spring for Wetherburne and Greenleaf were not able to be completed due to weather issues, which are again listed. The Cobblestone Pool needs new waterline tile and coping stones. The Greenleaf Pool had new tile installed in 2015 and the Weatherburne Pool had new tile installed in 2014. Also included a list compiled of pool repairs completed at each pool since 2011 by Continental for the Board’s review.
      • The Board asked about items on the lists of repairs and asked why they were replaced often and if that could be avoided. Continental explained most of the items are due to wear and tear and weather-related damage. The Board asked about the different prices listed for similar items and it was explained that they have different features or designs. A Board Member asked if the pools were indoor pools if they would see as much need for repairs. Continental explained that weather tends to cause more damage to outdoor pools and need to repair, but the cost of enclosing a pool would be significantly more expensive, along with the increase in cost of maintenance and management.
      • Motion: To approve the proposal for the Fall pool repairs provided by Continental for Cobblestone, Weatherburne, and Greenleaf.  To be paid from Reserves.
      • Arkoian/Miller                Vote:  6/0/0     
    3. Pool Management Renewal Contract: Continental Pools renewal contract for 2019-2021 was provided for review. The 2020 year sees an increase because of additional days of summer. The Board discussed the contract and the increase of 1%, which is less than the last year at 2% and determined it was not an unreasonable increase. Determined Continental Pools has been very responsive, highly available, helpful, always passing inspections, and reasonably priced. The Board determined to approve the renewal contract.
      • Motion: To approve the renewal contract for 2019-2021 with Continental Pools.
      • Arkoian/Desimon                Vote:  6/0/0 
    4. ACC Appeal – *****: The ACC Committee denied the homeowner’s application for a 1 story addition on the left rear corner of the home, as the Committee feels this addition is not in keeping with the architectural aesthetics of the overall community. The homeowner’s appeal letter and application were provided for the Board’s review.
      • The contractor appealed the denial and provided the plans for the addition. They explained the addition not adhering to a conventional footprint was intended to not obstruct the existing home and tenants. They are trying to reduce imposition to the rest of the view and trying to create a low-profile addition. The homeowner did not want to build a conventional addition behind the home and extend current rooms into an in-law suite. They want to keep the existing layout of the home for the current tenants and create a separate structure for the in-law suite.
      • The Board asked if they had received appropriate permits. The City has approved the permits. The Board asked if the addition would have its own entrance and the contractor said it would not, but there is nothing keeping an entrance from being added in the future and utilized as a separate dwelling. The contractor added that the County and City are currently evaluating in-law suites as it appears to become more of a trend for the area.
      • The contractor suggested the Board should evaluate if this is something they will allow in future and to better layout the guidelines to avoid future confusion. Currently the guidelines do not allow for sheds to be turned into living quarters because it would impact the character and intent of the community. The Board discussed that Whittier was purposefully built different from most other communities by not building the houses up to the property lines, allowing for larger lots. It would change one of the distinctive characters of the community if additions began to build to property lines.
      • The Board determined to deny the appeal. The structure would change the character of the home and not keep to the architectural character of the community. It would have the potential of changing the property value of homes in the community. Approving this addition would change the standard for other additions in the future and change the original character of the community. If additions are like the original designs of homes that had the option for bump outs, it would be more in character with the community. Considering the communal effect that the addition would cause, it was not approved.
      • The Board will discuss and create a clearer addendum to the guidelines to better outline additions. The Board asked Management to provide research of guidelines for additions.
      • Motion:  To deny the appeal for the addition due to the addition not keeping with the architectural aesthetics of the overall community.
      • Desimon/Arkoian                Vote:  5/1/0
    5. 2017 Audit: The 2017 Audit was provided for review and the Board approved the 2017 Audit by email vote.
      • Motion: To ratify the email approval of the 2017 Audit.
      • Jackson/Miller                Vote:  6/0/0 
    6. 2019 Draft Operating Budget: Management provided the draft 2019 operating Budget. The budget reflects a 2.5% ($8.00) increase for the General Budget ($328.00) and a 0.8% ($2.00) increase for the Townhouse Budget ($259.00) and a 5.3% ($1.00) increase for the Single-Family Budget ($20.00).
      • Significant changes in line items: Reserve contribution, Management fee, insurance, pool management, pool repairs, pool supplies, and annual property inspections for both townhomes and single-family homes (all based on actual cost changes or Reserve Study recommendations).
      • The Board discussed how the budget has always met the needs, both expected and unexpected. Because the budget is built so that emergency funds are not utilized for operational needs, the community is fiscally healthy and falls within standards, despite having fees lower than many communities, as has been determined by the Auditors feedback. It worked well in the past to send out reminder postcards and post the budget on the website and will do so again this year.
      • Motion: To approve the 2019 Operating Budget for distribution to the Homeowners via postcard, posting the whole budget on the website.
      • Jackson/Miller                Vote:  6/0/0 
    7. East & West Palace Green Ter. Parking Striping & Numbering: At the June meeting, the Board approved Jet Services’ proposal, as the lowest bid, to stripe and number the parking spaces at Carrington and Emerson, which was completed in July. Management has received a few homeowner concerns with the fading parking spaces on East & West Palace Green Terrace and requested a proposal from Jet Services. Management would recommend the lines are restriped and numbers are painted on the asphalt surface at the end of the spaces for a total of $1,651.00.
      • Motion: To approve the proposal by Jet Services to restripe and number the parking on East and West Palace Green Terrace for the total of $1,651.00.
      • Desimon/Miller                Vote: 6/0/0
    8. Write Off to Bad Debt – ***** The homeowner filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy relief and was discharged on 6/27/18. According to the court order, all pre-petition amounts due on the account must be written off. The pre-petition amount of $3,330.90 should be written off to bad debt.
      • Motion: To approve the write-off to bad debt.
      • Jackson/Sweet                Vote: 6/0/0
    1. ACC:  Provided their August meeting minutes
    2. Pool Committee:  none
    3. Townhouse Committee:  none
    4. Condo Committee: Issues with parking lot used for recreational uses. Tow signs are up and will call the police in future. The blacktop will be fixed soon, may cause crowding on Tuscanney.
    5. Landscaping Committee: none
    6. Website Committee: none
    7. Social Committee – Lakeside Festival:  none
    8. reasurer’s Report:  Financial reports were provided
    9. NAC 1 Committee: Provided their August meeting minutes and reviewed in person. There has been an increase in reports of crimes. Looking to fill one more seat of Committee. 
  6. OLD BUSINESS: There was no old business discussed. 
  7. NEW BUSINESS: There was no new business discussed. 
    • There being no additional business for the Board to conduct, the meeting adjourned at: 9:08 pm.
    • Motion:  To adjourn the meeting.
    • Jackson/Desimon    Vote: 6/0/0
  9. Please note the next scheduled meeting is October 23rd, 2018 at 7:00 pm.

Respectfully yours,
Renee Henning
Recording Secretary