Whittier Community Associates HOA, Inc.

Regular Meeting Minutes

March 27th, 2018


The Board of Directors of Whittier Community Association met at the Somerford House, Frederick, Maryland on March 27th, 2018, at 6:58 p.m.


Paul Zimnik, President                                                                           

Bill Watt, Vice-President                                                                                 

John Arkoian, Secretary

Mike Desimon, Director

Susan Miller, Director                                          

Eric Struntz, Director

Nancy Sweet, Director



Bernarda Jackson, Treasurer


Others Present:

Nancy Keen, Vanguard Management, Community Representative

Renee Henning, Recording Secretary

Special Guest, Bruce Ramsay of Continental Pools

1 Homeowner



Dr. Paul Zimnik, President of Whittier Community HOA called the regular meeting to order at 7:00 pm with a quorum present.



The Board discussed the January 23rd, 2018 minutes and noted edits to be made.

Motion:  To approve the January 23rd, 2018 minutes with the noted edits.

Watt/Sweet                                          Vote: 7/0/0




    1. Special Guest, Bruce Ramsay of Continental Pools

Ramsay discussed the spring repair proposals with the Board to prepare for opening. The Board requested a spreadsheet of the checklist of repairs over time to see projection of need for future repairs. Continental also suggested purchasing Chemical Controllers for each pool. It is not necessary, but helps to automatically test and regulate the levels. At this time the Board decided that it was an unnecessary expenses for this year and might be considered in the future. 


1.      Spring Opening Pool Repairs - Greenleaf:

The Board discussed a safety cover for Greenleaf. The Association replaced the covers for Wetherburne and Cobblestone in 2016 but had put off the repair of the Greenleaf cover at the time. During the winter, something was dislodged in the hydrostat due to seasonal conditions and was repaired to avoid further damage.


Motion:  To approve the proposed repairs by Continental Pools for the Greenleaf at $15,992.15, with the skimmers and pool cover to be paid with Reserves.

Desimon/Watt                                        Vote:  7/0/0


2.      Spring Opening Pool Repairs - Wetherburne:

The Board discussed the expenses and repairs recommended for Wetherburne, asking about the necessity of the new umbrellas and stencils. Ramsay explained the umbrellas were for the lifeguards and the stencils for the no running signs would be safer.


Motion:  To approve the proposed repairs by Continental Pools for Wetherburne at $5,162.05, with the skimmers costs to be paid with Reserves.

Struntz/Arkoian                                     Vote:  7/0/0


3.      Spring Opening Pool Repairs - Cobblestone:

A Board Member asked about the Supply Power Vac system with battery cost. Ramsay explained that Continental had provided the system to clean out the pool previously at own expense. They were suggesting purchasing one for the pool.


Motion:  To approve the proposed repairs by Continental Pools for Cobblestone at $7,875.60, with the skimmers costs to be paid with Reserves.

Struntz/Arkoian                                  Vote:  7/0/0


    1. Interior Painting of the Pool Houses: According to the Reserve Schedule, the interior of the three (3) pool houses should be painted this year. Management has obtained three (3) bids to complete this work. The Board reviewed the proposals provided.


Motion:  To approve the proposal provided by T&C Painting at $3,750 for the interior painting of all three pool houses, to be paid with Reserves.

Struntz/Desimon                                       Vote:  7/0/0


    1. Reserve Investments: The Association’s Morgan Stanley MM Reserve Account currently has $152,771.05. Management would recommend investing $50,000.00 into a 2021 CD and $50,000.00 into a 2022 CD so that the Association can continue to ladder the funds.


Motion:  To approve the proposal of investing $50,000.00 into a 2021 CD and $50,000.00 into a 2022 CD so that the Association can continue to ladder the funds.

Sweet/Struntz                                                       Vote:  7/0/0            


    1. Swimteam Practice and Meet Schedule: Management contacted the Whittier Riptides to obtain their Swimteam practice and meet schedule. The Board reviewed the proposed schedule. Once the finalized schedule is given, they will add to the website.


Motion: To accept the Riptide Swimteam utilizing the pool as to their schedule of practices and meets for the season.

Miller/Watt                                               Vote:  7/0/0


    V.           COMMITTEE REPORTS:

A.    ACC:  Minutes of March meeting provided.

B.    Pool Committee:  none

C.    Townhouse Committee:  none

D.    Condo Committee: none

E.    Landscaping Committee: Noted that there had been an issue with debris collected after the storms, Management was contacted and the problem was resolved. Reminder: any issues with a contractor, contact Management.

F.     Website Committee: none

G.    Social Committee:  No homeowners showed to discuss the Festival. At this point, will not be able to have the Festival since the next meeting is in May.

H.    Treasurer’s Report:  Financial reports reviewed. No questions voiced.


    1. Geese Hunting Issue:

The Board asked on the status of the letter sent regarding the geese hunting. The season ended on March 10th, and the Board would like to resend a letter to the appropriate offices to request action and replies.


Action: Management will send out letters again to the appropriate offices.


    1. Cars Parking After Hours:

There are cars reported parking by the pool after hours. Homeowners encouraged to call the police if they are on the Whittier property. The gates are also not being closed at night to the park.


Action: Management will notify the City Recreation Department and request that they be closed.


    1. ******:

The Homeowner requested a payment plan of three payments of $212.00 over the next 3 months of a total to $609.00 (including fees).


Motion: To approve the payment plan, contingent that payments are paid on time.

Sweet/Miller                                             Vote: 7/0/0


    1. Parking Signs in Lakeside Business Area Crooked:

A homeowner noted that the signs in the Lakeside business area crooked and would like them to be fixed.


Action: Management will notify the commercial property owner.


    1. Springhouse Sign:

The Springhouse has had a lot of trespassing, including sledding off the roof. The Board would like to post permanent signs for no trespassing.


Motion: To approve of posting No Trespassing signs around the Springhouse.

Watt/Miller                                    Vote: 7/0/0


    1. Wetherburne Gutter Replacement:

Based on the previous meeting, the Board approved the Wetherburne pool house gutter replacement cost up to a limit of $1,800, and to request approval for additional costs. The overall cost is estimated to be $2,170.00, an additional $370.00.


Motion: To approve the additional costs for gutter replacement to be paid from Reserves

Desimon/Miller                              Vote: 7/0/0


    1. Watering Flowers Contract for 2018:

A contract was provided to water the flowers with a per hour rate.  


Motion: To approve up to $600 of service, and once above or approaching that limit, to request approval by the Board, which can be approved via email if needed between scheduled meetings.

Arkonian/Desimon                        Vote: 7/1/0




There being no additional business for the Board to conduct, the meeting adjourned at: 8:22 pm.

Motion:  To adjourn the meeting.

                       Struntz/Sweet                                Vote: 7/0/0



Please note the next scheduled meeting is May 22nd, 2018 at 7:00 pm.



Respectfully yours,


Renee Henning

Recording Secretary