Whittier Community Associates HOA, Inc.

Regular Meeting Minutes

January 24, 2017


The Board of Directors of Whittier Community Association met at the Somerford House, Frederick, Maryland on January 24, 2017 at 7:00 p.m.




Paul Zimnik, President                                                                                 

Bill Watt, Vice-President

Bernarda Jackson, Treasurer

John Arkoian, Secretary                                                                                        

Eric Struntz, Director                                                                        

Nancy Sweet, Director

Roger Franks, Director



Bill Ryan, Director

Susan Miller, Director


Others Present:

Nancy Keen, Vanguard Management, Community Representative

Shelly Henning, Recording Secretary

Mr. David Latch, ACC




I.         CALL TO ORDER:

Dr. Paul Zimnik, President of Whittier Community HOA called the regular meeting to order at 6:59pm with a quorum present. Dr. Zimnik addressed the Board and stated that Homeowners would have 5 minutes to address the Board during the Homeowner Forum.  Dr. Zimnik also stated that once the Homeowner Forum was completed the Homeowners were to only observe the meeting, they would not be allowed to speak. 




The Board discussed the November 24, 2016 minutes and with one correction.

Motion:   To accept.

Watt/Sweet                                  Vote:  Unanimous




****** addressed the Board regarding his shed.  See ACC Appeal.






A. Lake Maintenance:

Aquatic Environment Consultants (AEC) submitted a proposal to perform the same lake management program that has been successful for numerous years to control the algae on the lake.  AEC recommends that the lake is treated every two weeks, but the City of Frederick only contracts for once a month treatment.  The Association has been supplementing the City’s program with five additional treatments.  The cost has remained the same since 2010, at $2,160.00 for five treatments.  It is money well spent. 

Motion:  That we approve.

Jackson/ Arkoian                  Vote:  Unanimous 


B.ACC Guideline Revisions:

The ACC Committee has made suggested revisions to the ACC Guidelines which had been previously forwarded to the Board for review by email.  The Board wanted a few word choice changes in the revision.  The Board also asked that the change of 10 to 15 days remain 10 days under violation and enforcement procedures.  The ACC Guidelines were designed to keep the community ascetics standard. 

The Board discussed storage units/sheds and the guidelines for the storage unit.  Storage units would be constructed with an asphalt based shingle roof complimenting the home.  The design of the storage unit’s roof must be a gabled roof or it can match the roof design of the home (like a hip roof).  A homeowner cannot have a storage unit with a barn roof.

The Board discussed temporary swimming pools.  The Board discussed the size of the pool that is permitted.  Blow-up pools are limited to a 24” height or less.


C.ACC Appeal – *****:

The Homeowner had previously applied for a shed that the ACC Committee denied; the Homeowner requested to appeal the ACC’s decision.  He did not understand why the shed/storage unit was not approved.  The storage unit has a gabled roof; it compliments his home. He stated that his fence is taller than the storage unit and would be out of view.  The Board discussed that the storage unit is to have an asphalt shingled roof and the shingles should complement the shingles in his home; that the storage unit should look like it was built by the builder of the home.  The Board stated that the storage unit that the homeowner had selected was a plastic storage unit.  The Board asked that Management tell the homeowner, while they appreciate his intent the Board’s position is that this type of storage unit does not maintain the overall aesthetic appearance that was originally intended for the community. 

Motion:  The request is disapproved as per our guidelines the structure does not conform to the guidelines with the match of the asphalt shingle roof.


Vote:  Unanimous


D.Neighborhood Watch:

Management contacted the Attorney for a legal opinion on the liability the Association might have forming a neighborhood watch program and specifically forming a neighborhood watch program under a separate LLC.  The Board does not want the residents policing the community.  The Board discussed the liabilities.  The City already has a Neighborhood Watch in effect signs in the neighborhood.  Management will ask the City where the signs came from.




A.  ACC:  none

B.  Pool Committee:  none

C.  Townhouse Committee:  none

D.  Condo Committee: The Condos have been having a lot of problems with the firebox with alarm issues due to Verizon having phone issues.  Verizon is supposed to update the phone lines.

E   Landscaping Committee: none

E.Website Committee:   none

F.Social Committee:  none

G.Treasurer’s Report:  Three homeowners are being carried for owing less than $1.00.  A Board member stated, “If they are a current homeowner why would we write them off, it is actual money they owe.”  The Board then discussed the Reserve fund.  The Association carries the amount of reserve per the reserve schedule.  The Association has objective accountants that look at what the Association has and what the Association will need.




A. Monthly Meetings:

The Board discussed having fewer Association meetings each yearCurrently there are ten meetings scheduled a year.  The Board discussed the possibility of reducing the meetings to six per year.

Tabled until the next meeting.




               No New Business was discussed.




                     There being no additional business for the Board to conduct now, the Board    meeting adjourned at 8:50pm.

         Motion:  To adjourn.

         Sweet/Jackson                                                 Vote:  Unanimous 



Please note the next scheduled meeting is February 28, 2017 at 7:00PM.




Respectfully yours,




Shelly Henning

Recording Secretary