Whittier Community Associates HOA, Inc.

Regular Meeting Minutes

November 22, 2016



The Board of Directors of Whittier Community Association met at the Whittier Elementary School, Frederick, Maryland on November 24, 2015 at 7:00 p.m.




Paul Zimnik, President                                              

Bill Watt, Vice-President                                 

Bernarda Jackson, Treasurer

John Arkoian, Secretary

Bill Ryan, Director                                        

Nancy Sweet, Director

Eric Struntz, Director

Roger Franks, Director



Susan Miller, Director


Others Present:

Nancy Keen, Vanguard Management, Community Representative

Shelly Henning, Recording Secretary




I.         CALL TO ORDER:

Dr. Zimnik, President of Whittier Community HOA called the regular meeting to order at 8:29pm with a quorum present.




The Board discussed the previous October 25, 2016 minutes.

Motion:  To accept the minutes.

Arkoian/Sweet                                        Vote: 7 For 1 Abstain





The Board stated they would like to continue to have Dr. Zimnik as the President. 

Motion:  To keep Dr. Zimnik as the President.

Watt/ Arkoian                               Vote:  Unanimous



The Board wanted to keep Mr. Watt as the Vice-President.

Motion:  To keep Mr. Bill Watt as Vice-President.

Zimnik/Struntz                          Vote:   Unanimous



The Board was in agreement of keeping Ms. Bernarda Jackson as the Treasurer.

Motion:  To keep Ms. Jackson as Treasurer.

Zimnik/Ryan                               Vote:  Unanimous


D. Secretary:

Mr. John Arkoian recently accepted the Secretary position when he was added to the Board this summer.  He was in agreement with the Board in keeping the position.

Motion:  To keep Mr. Arkoian as Secretary.

Zimnik/Jackson                          Vote:  Unanimous




No Homeowners addressed the Board.




A. Architectural Guidelines Revisions:

The ACC Committee has made suggested revisions to the ACC Guidelines which were previously forwarded to the Board for review by email.  Mr. Latch, ACC Chair was not able to attend the meeting but would attend in January.



B. Deferred Assessment Resolution:

At the end of each year Goldklang Group recommend that, for tax purposes, the Board pass a deferred assessment resolution.  The resolution simply means that the Association will plan to use any surplus earned this year during the following year.

Motion: The Association elects to apply all or part of the excess assessment income to the following year’s assessments and that such final amount shall be at the Board’s discretion.

Ryan/Sweet                                       Vote:  Unanimous


C.Reserve Investments:

The Association’s Morgan Stanley MM Reserve Account currently has $204,556.32.  Management would recommend investing $50,000.00 into a 2018 CD and $50,000.00 into a 2019 CD and $50,000.00 into a 2021 CD so that the Association can continue to ladder the funds. Our main goal is safety. 

Motion:  That we invest as recommended.

Ryan Struntz                                                Vote: Unanimous 


D.Neighborhood Watch Legal Opinion:

Legal counsel informed the Board that there could be some liabilities.  A Board member stated that the Police are going to build a Police Station in the area.  The Board stated they would like more time to discuss this.  Tabled.




A.  ACC:  none

B.  Pool Committee:  The Board discussed the possibility of having additional shade put in at the Greenleaf pool.  To be tabled until the spring. 

C. Townhouse Committee:  none 

E. Condo Committee:  none

E   Landscaping Committee:  none 

F.Communications Committee: Currently Dr. Zimnik is interfacing a Twitter account with the Whittier web site.

G.Social Committee:  none  

H.Treasurer’s Report:  none

I.NAC Report: none 




A. Meetings:

 The Board discussed the possibility of decreasing the amount of Board meetings.  The Board also discussed sticking to a strict 5 minute time for those Homeowners attending the Board meetings. The President mentioned the Homeowners would only be allowed to speak during the Homeowner Forum.  The Board also discussed the Committee Members would have 10 minutes to speak.

B. Trash can violators:

The Homeowners who had previous issues with the trash can placement have cleared it up. 




There was no new business discussed.




                     There being no additional business for the Board to conduct at this time, the Board    meeting adjourned at 8:50pm.

         Motion:  To adjourn.

         Sweet/Watt                                                       Vote:  Unanimous



Please note the next scheduled meeting is January 24, 2017 at 7:00PM.



Respectfully yours,




Shelly Henning

Recording Secretary