Whittier Community Associates HOA, Inc.
Regular Meeting Minutes
August 25, 2008

The Board of Directors of Whittier Community Association met at the Somerford House, Frederick, Maryland on August 25, 2008 at 7:00 p.m.

Present:                                                                        Absent:
Bill Watt, President                                                      Josh Bokee, Director
Eric Struntz, Vice-President             (joined at 7:07pm)            Erlene Moser, Treasurer                             Jenny Marino Director
William Lukens, Director
Gary Simon, Director
Paul Zimnik, Director
Mark Nichols, Director (left at 8 pm)


Others Present:
Nancy Keen, Vanguard Management, Community Representative
Shelly Henning, Recording Secretary
Bob Terpening, Regional Manager of Continental Pools



I.         CALL TO ORDER
Mr. Bill Watt, President of Whittier Community HOA called the regular meeting to order at 7:00p.m. with a quorum present.

II.        MINUTES
                   Approve May 27, 2008 meeting minutes.
             Motion:  Move to approve the May 27th minutes as proposed.
 Lukens/ Simon                         Vote:  Unanimous     


There were no homeowners present to address the Board.

    1. School Grounds Maintenance:

The Board discussed that the PTA representative, Shanna Macharsky thought that she had a parent who is in the landscaping business interested in doing the work at the school for a smaller fee, however; this person has now declined.  The PTA has invited the Association to weed the flower beds, edge the beds, and mulch the beds and trees.  However, it is not clear as what else the Association can do regarding weed treatments for the grass.  Currently the janitor does all the yard work.  The Board discussed that they would like the Principal and Ms. Macharsky to attend the next meeting in order to discuss the issue.  Management also discussed with the Board that Classic wanted to be at the next meeting.  
Action: Invite the Principal to attend the next meeting and the Shannon w/ PTA

    1. Fall Pool Repairs:

Bob Terpening, Regional Manager with Continental Pools was at the meeting to discuss a couple of pool issues.  The State of Maryland is mandating a change for drain covers for all pools.  Mr. Terpening would like to be able to act fast on getting the new drain covers because all pools will have to be compliant and this could pose a problem of a shortage of drain covers for next summer.  However, he is still not clear as what the State is going to require for the pools.  Mr. Terpening said his prices would be good until December.  The Board also discussed that this would come out of the reserve pool funds while the pool maintenance comes out of the regular pool funds.  The Board also discussed that Continental is entering into the 2nd year of the 2 year addendum contract.  There have been complaints with the company using international lifeguards and the issue being a language barrier.   Management said there is a problem with the American lifeguards not wanting to work weekends and calling off at the last minute. 
Action:  Pool repair proposals  tabled until the Board hears from Mr. Terpening regarding the exact requirements of the new state regulations.

    1. Solar Blanket/Heater Proposals:

Mr. Terpening discussed the advantage of the solar blanket verses the heater for the pools.  The expense could not be justified for heaters.  Mr. Terpening said the solar blankets would be stored at the end of the pool by the grass area.  The solar blankets would help with keeping the water warmer in the first part of the season.  They would help to keep the geese out of the pool.  A board member pointed out they would also keep the geese droppings out of the pool.  The solar blankets would also help with evaporation.  Mr. Terpening also stated there would be no increase in charge for the life guards to put them on and off each day.  They would be stored on a roller and it would be pushed back by the fence.  Mr. Terpening thought the shelf life of the blanket would be 3-5 years.  The Board thought they might start out with a solar blanket for 1 pool to see the advantages.  It was also mentioned that the Swim team might want to share in the cost.  The Board also thought Mac might be willing to pay more money to rent the pool.
Action:  Tabled until February.


    1. Pool Furniture:

Instead of purchasing new furniture in the past, management got the furniture restrapped.  The furniture that is being considered would match the other pool furniture style.  There have been request for the nesting sand chairs and small side tables to set by the game chairs and more tables and chairs.  Management suggested the fiberglass tables because they are sturdier and the acrylic tables seem to crack over time.  The Wetherburne pool looks like it has plenty of furniture for the use that it gets.  Greenleaf and Cobblestone are in need of additional seating.  The Board discussed that they would want all the pools to have the same type of furniture in order to keep it unified. 
Action:  Tabled until February.

    1. 2009 Draft Budget:

The Board would like to thank Craig for the cover letter.  The Board discussed with Management that they would like the Treasurer to also be present for this discussion.  It was determined that the Board and Management would meet in September to discuss the budget. 
Action:  The Board and Management will meet on September 8, 2008 at 7:00pm at the Coffee Table to discuss the 2009 Draft Budget.                       

    1. Fee Waiver Request (XXXXXXXXX):

The Board discussed that the resident had made the payments but to the wrong account (PMP) and that the resident also rectified it immediately.
Motion:  Move that we waive the fee of $45.00.
Lukens/Struntz                                    Vote:  Unanimous

    1. Title Analysis (XXXXX XXXXX XXX):

The Board discussed the issue and decided at this time it is best not to act but wait. 
Motion:  We take no action, other than a lien, on this issue at this time.  
Simon/Lukens                                    Vote:  Unanimous

    1. Reserve Fund Investments:

The Board discussed the reserve fund and a CD that is maturing on August 28th.  They looked at the other CD accounts and MM accounts and determined they are spread out quite nicely.  Management suggested that the Smith Barney Money Market account currently has $40,170.64, with a $25,000.00 CD maturing on August 28th, for a total of $65,170.64.  If the Board wishes, $30,170.64 can be left in the money market, leaving $35,000.00 to invest in higher yielding CD’s. 
Motion:   To follow management’s suggestion and invest  as recommended.
Simon/Lukens                                    Vote:  Unanimous                                        


    1. ACC:

Management and the Board discussed the request for a change in paint color for the home of XXXXX.  Their request had been misplaced between management and the ACC; it was requested back in May.
Motion:  Move to approve the application that the XXXXX filed in May of 2008.
Lukens/Marino                        Vote:  Unanimous
Action:  Management to send a letter to ACC Committee and the XXXXX that the application has been approved.

    1. Pool Committee:  none


      C.  Townhouse Committee:  none

    1. Condo Committee:

Management has received little response from the Condos.  If the Condo Association understood they could save a significant  amount on landscaping fees by having Classic do all the work, wouldn’t there be more interest?  The Board requested that Classic give a quote to Ridgeview II and Ridgeview III and also to Whittier.  Classic’s contract is up for renewal and the Board is hoping that more work in this area would keep prices down.

  1. Landscaping Committee:

Ms. Marino submitted a landscape report.  She would like to add some things for Classic to take care of in 2009 and add to the 2009 Budget.  Some of the items listed in Ms. Marino’s Landscape Report may be warranty items and if not management will obtain proposals from Classic.  The Board and Management briefly discussed the Wallerhouse mailbox area – shrubs no longer there; should we replace or leave vacant?  The Board did not make a decision on this.  The Board also noted that a small tree had been knocked down near the parking lot in the Village Center - needs to be replaced; however it was determined that it is the responsibility of the Village Center to do so.

  1. Communications Committee:

The Board discussed that residents have shown interest in advertising on the web. 
Motion:  Move that the board approve the acceptance of advertising for the web site.
Lukens/Struntz                  Vote:  Unanimous        

  1. Social Committee:

The Board discussed that there should be a follow up meeting to discuss what worked well and what did not from the National Night Out gathering.

  1. Treasurer’s Report:  none


VI.          OLD BUSINESS:

  1. Pond:

There is a terrible odor coming from the pond and it needs attention.  The pond is not on Whittier property it belongs to the City of Frederick.  A board member suggested that a letter be sent to the real property owner asking them to correct the problem.  The Board member also suggested that the letter go to the Mayor.
Action:  Management to send a letter to the Mayor asking that the pond issue be fixed.    

  1.     NEW BUSINESS:

Whittier Elementary had their 10 year anniversary celebration.  Mr. Struntz was asked to represent the Association.


                   There being no additional business for the Board to conduct at this time, the    Board meeting adjourned at 9:07p.m.
                     Motion:  To adjourn the meeting at 9:07p.m.
                     Simon/Struntz                                Vote:  Unanimous           


Respectfully yours,


Shelly Henning
Recording Secretary