The Neighborhood Advisory Council Initiative (NAC)

NAC Areas in Frederick


The Neighborhood Advisory Council Initiative (NAC) is a comprehensive community development initiative designed to empower residents and neighborhoods to strengthen communities. The underlying premise of the NAC is that the residents and business community in a neighborhood are most ideally suited to identify and solve issues in those communities. Each NAC is provided the opportunity to comment and develop solutions on neighborhood traffic, safety, zoning, capital improvements, development review requests, Board of Appeals cases, and other key issues.

Whittier belongs to the Neighborhood Advisory Council Area 1 bounded on the north and west by the city limits, on the south by Fort Detrick and Montevue Lane, and on the east by Rosemont Avenue and Yellow Springs Road. It includes Whittier, Walnut Ridge, Warfield, Old Farm, and Fort Detrick east to the Citizens Nursing Home.

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