We are a community of single-family homes, townhouses, and condominiums (about 1,700 units in total). The Ausherman Development Corp. built us starting in 1989 and finishing in 2015. More history of Whittier is available here.

As a new resident/homeowner, we would like to provide you with a list of things you should know or may like to know about your community and the surrounding area.



Townhomes Committee

Roles and Responsibilities

Based on knowledge of the Whittier HOA Board mission, and in particular
the work relevant to each Whittier committee, the Townhomes Committee shall:

  1. Serve as a sounding board, discuss necessary inputs, provide specific advice as requested, advise on sensitive matters and review the progress and evaluation
    of community initiatives over time.
  2.  Maintain an ongoing strategic dialogue with and between the Whittier residents, the HOA Board and HOA management of:
    1.  any on-going and new community concerns;
    2.  any substantive shifts in strategy for existing community concerns;
    3. the adequacy of resources and effectiveness of evaluation; and
    4. outcomes and learnings.


POC: Jackie Parks


Stormwater Management Committee

Roles and Responsibilities
Based on knowledge of the Whittier HOA Board mission, and in particular the work relevant to each Whittier committee, the  Stormwater Management Committee shall:
  1. Develop storm water elements maintenance check list,
  2. Develop course of action for all storm water elements

Social Committee


The Board may establish a social committee for the promotion of a spirit of community among residents of the Association. The Committee shall conduct its business in the best interest of the Association and following the Charter,  the Association’s Articles of Incorporation, Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, and Bylaws. 


The social committee shall consist of no more than 11 members, formed as follows: 

  • The Board shall appoint the Chair of the committee and its committee members. The committee can recommend homeowners to the Board for appointment. 
  • Members appointed to the committee by the Board shall be members of the Association. 
  • Committee members appointed may be members of the Board of Directors and/or any other Association Committee. 
  • Members shall serve for a one-year term, effective on the date of the appointment of the Chair. 



  • Planning and conducting social activities open to residents at various times during the year, as may be determined to achieve the purpose


Review the minutes of our latest community meetings.

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