Whittier Board of Directors 2022 Update

On behalf of your Board, we wanted to wish you all the happiest of holidays. It has been an extremely busy year and the new year holds more in store for our community. Thank you for those who have stepped up to volunteer their talents to our residents. We hope in the future more of our community will become involved. Below you will find a comprehensive summary of Board accomplishments this past year that have benefited our community.
Election of new Board Officers as follows: Paul Zimik, President, Andrea Weaver, Vice President, Laura Ferguson, Secretary, and Bernarda Jackson, Treasurer.
Lake Maintenance
Board reviewed and approved the Lake management contract with AEC.
Reserve Investment
Board reviewed and approved investing $100,000 into a six month CD and $80,000 into a nine month CD, both with Morgan Stanley Operating MM. The Board also approved investing $80,000 from the Reserve MM into a 2026 CD.
Swim Team
Board authorized their use of Greenleaf pool for practices before and after pool hours.
Donation Policy
Board developed and approved a policy which is available on our
Pool Pass Materials
Board review and approved these materials for distribution to the homeowners and posted on our website.
Internet at Pools
After investigating which service would offer our community the best coverage, the Board ratified the installation of internet at all three pools by Comcast.
Cattail Removal
After review of proposals, the Board approved the Wetland Studies
and Solutions(WSS)cost to preform a three year plan to remove the cattails in the storm water management facility at Lakeside Drive. An extension was approved due to City management issues. Removal scheduled for winter of 2023.
Whittier Lake and Drainage Area
On several occasions the Board has reached out to the City concerning the clogging of areas near the shopping center which were in need of attention. The City in conjunction with the Board has looked into acquiring native plants in all three outlet areas which would rectify the problem.
Prentice Court Stripping and Numbering
The Board approved this striping and numbering which is scheduled to be done August 2022.
Easter Egg Hunt 
Board approval for funding this event. Scheduled for April 9th at the Lake Pavilion. Laura Ferguson to chair. See website for details. 
Old Pool Furniture
After review it was decided that all the old furniture from Wetherburne and Greenleaf would be absorbed by Criterion, the furniture company we use, and the profit deducted from our balance owed for purchases for these two pools. We will keep old furniture until delivery of new.
New Pool Furniture
After review last fall (2020),it was decided not to wait another year to order for our last pool. Final delivery to come hopefully before season opens. Delays due to Covid have hampered this. Andrea Weaver has chaired this project.
Greenleaf Underwater Light
Board approved the replacement of one of the underwater LED lights for the price of $1,000.
Wetherburne Lights
To conserve money, the Board asked Brandenberg Electric to reset the pole lights to come on later in the evening.
Water Fitness Class
Board approved Elizabeth Toms' request to provide a water fitness class to be held at the Wetherburne pool. If there is enough interest she may be able to conduct another class. See website for times and start date.
Stormwater Committee                                        
Board approved the formation of this committee. Paul Zimik will be the Board liaison. Jamie Parks, a Townhouse resident will be representing the residents. 
Yard Sale
Board approval for the Community Yard Sale on June 11 & 12, and will advertise in the Frederick News Post.
Electric Charging Stations
Board gave final approval of these stations in August. Maintenance and Indemnification Agreement as developed by our attorney is posted on our website. 
4th of July Parade
Board approval for a Childrens' Bicycle Parade to be held July 2 around the Lake. Andrea Weaver to chair. Details to be posted at all three pools, Whittier Blast, Facebook and our website.
Pool Planter Flowers
Board approved funding for both flowers and soil for all planters at our pools. Andrea Weaver to purchase and install, and maintain through the summer. 
Dog Park Request
Nancy Keen reached out to the City after a Wetherburne resident 
inquiry of a dog park in their area. The City responded that there are no funds available, however the new dog park off Yellow Springs (Kellerton Community) will be open later this winter.
Lakeside Drive Pothole Parking Space Repair
Board reviewed and approved proposal for 14 thermal repairs in low spots on Lakeside Drive. Cost will be paid for from the Reserve Fund.
Board reviewed and approved to accept the 2021 Audit.
Trash Concerns
A Board member had approached the Board concerned about how trash collection in an area of our community is handled. Nancy Keen was to reach out to the City to address the size of trash cans residents could purchase. The Board member had asked if the City could provide the cans as they have in the past to residents. This is no longer available.
Fall Pool Repairs
Board reviewed and approved the fall pool repair proposal by Continental with the exception of the chemical controllers, plan to review and optional items. To be paid for from the Reserves.
Landscape Improvements
Board reviewed and approved Ruppert Landscape proposals for both tree root removal, tree removal, and replacement in the community.
2023 Draft Budget
Board approved the 2023 draft budget for distribution to the homeowners for comment at the October meeting. A postcard will be mailed directing them to the website to review the budget. 
Fall Craft Festival
Board approval for funding the second annual craft festival to be held at Cobblestone parking lot on October 15. Andrea Weaver to chair.
Greenleaf Pool Shell and Stair Repair
Board ratified approval of the shell and step repair. To be paid from the Reserves.
Access Agreement
Board ratified approval for temporary construction easement at corner of Whittier Drive and Christopher's Crossing. Frederick County will be installing a new curb ramp at the corner. 
Annual Meeting
At Annual meeting, Nancy Sweet, Bernarda Jackson and Frank Hackett were elected to the Board for three years. Board officers were elected to remain the same for 2023.
Lake Planting
Board reviewed and approved the WEC proposal to install native plantings with root stock in the inlet areas. Work to take place in the spring of 2023.
North Branch Trail Easement
Board reviewed the City's easement request for North Branch Trail and approved to help the City with this project. 
StormWater Committee
Walk through with the City was completed, noting issues to be repaired. Board is in process of seeking out Bids for this. Nancy to forward the report to the Board.