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Pool season is almost here! The swimming pool facility will open on May 24, 2014 for the season, which ends September 1, 2014.

There are three pools in Whittier:

  • Cobblestone at 2405 Cobblestone Way (single family area)
  • Wetherburne at 2274 Wetherburne Way (townhouse area)
  • Greenleaf at 2000 East Greenleaf Drive (off Tuscanney Drive)

September ACC Committee Meeting Rescheduled

The ACC Committee meeting will be rescheduled for Monday, September 15th at 7:00pm due to Labor Day.

Policy Resolution for Collection of Assessments

Whittier Community Association
Policy Resolution for Collection of Assessments

Keller Master Plan Notice of Yankee Land Trust


The Keller Master Plan Aplication of the Yankee Land Trust, 299.77 acres located onthe northwestern Frederick City limits, along Yellow Springs Road and Rocky Springs Road, west of Walter Martz Roand, zoned R-4, residential.

For more information, download PDF of the following document:

Prevent Crime

To reduce your chances of becoming a victim, follow the crime prevention tips below:

Architectural Guidelines and Review Procedures Amended

Last updated on 9/24/2013

WHEREAS, Article IX, of the Whittier Association Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (Covenants) for the Whittier Community Association, Inc. (Association) establishes that the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) review and approve, in writing, requests for alterations to all changes and alterations of exterior additions upon the Property and all Lots; and

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